Stuff …

Yesterday started out with pulling the boat out of garage and making sure it started, yes, and put the electronics back in their spots.

Leaving this week for the Annual Lake of the Woods fishing trip.

Since I now could get at the storage shelves behind boat I decided to look through the collection of tool boxes, really old ones my Great Grandfather used and some of my Grandfather’s whom I never met.

Like this one..

With some old tools inside…

Obviously a hand drill on the right and a press of some sort on the left. No idea what the two in the center are for..

And a collection of old wood planes…

And that’s only one of 4 tool boxes. All old wooden ones, leather handles etc.

After that I planted grass seed where the utility company tore up my front yard installing a new transformer, big green sucker. Most Dearest is having a conniption about that big ugly green box in our front yard…

Then it was time to pull a dead, well partially dead, lilac bush out of the front yard…

Let’s see…soak it for a while, rummage around garage to find my chain, another item I found when cleaning my Dad’s shop out years ago.

Wrap chain around base of bush, hitch it to the truck and done!!

Well except for the cleanup and trip to compost site…

Then was time for beer and off to dinner with our eldest who ‘missed’ Mother’s Day and felt the need to correct his oversight, took us for nice meal.

Slept well last night…



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