Well That Was Disheartening ..

Dermatologist for my full body scan today..

Crap ….

They found and biopsied 5!! Yes 5 spots, two of them I had noticed..

The other 3 no idea… 4 on my right arm, two forearm(these I had spotted previously), two on triceps ..

Another on my lower right leg ..

Plus the Freeze ray was used on multiple sites on face and back of right hand ..

Now we wait for the results, but PA seemed pretty sure they were Basal Cell Cancer…

Considering I have had 4 other spots excised over the past 10 months!

I know it’s damn near 100 % curable, but sometimes makes wonder what next??

Too much family history of cancer Mom, Sister, Grandmother, Grandfather all taken by cancer and Dad a prostrate cancer survivor…


5 thoughts on “Well That Was Disheartening ..

  1. Jack May 18, 2021 / 7:06 am

    I’m in the same boat. Twice a year it is chop-chop and freeze-freeze. Keep doing it though, so it doesn’t get worse.

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