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  1. Glenda T. Goode June 4, 2021 / 8:57 am

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    The violence every time a black criminal gets shot doing something stupid is not going to end anytime soon. It is being encouraged by those who seek to destabilize the nation and divide the American people. The agitators are creating an us versus them mentality and it is pervading our society.

    Black people are being misled with sentiments that are rooted in anger and revenge. This is why they destroy neighborhoods willingly in these riots. Any white owned property can be destroyed. Any black owned property can be destroyed because these blacks sold out to the whiteys. Asians are the same.

    I can only imagine where this will all lead as time goes on. An enraged minority population can cause havoc but eventually there will be pushback and it will be savage. Those Americans who are law abiding and respectful will at some point snap and then it will be game on as far as retaliating against those who are committing acts of insurrection and wanton destruction. People who respect order can only be pushed so far.

    What will happen then? I can only guess. I tend to think that the left will use this as an excuse to start rounding up people and weapons (all white and legally owned firearms) in their ‘effort to quell the violence’ all while blaming the whites for the carnage. It will look bad for those who resist BLM and ANTIFA because the media will make sure it does. This is why the socialists cornered the media and hollywood before starting these latest antics of violence and destruction in society.

    It’s all part of a plan to overthrow our nation from within and without an army. The socialist left have perverted our institutions and value systems to such an extent that they do not resemble at all what they were when I was a teenager in the 60’s.

    My greatest fear is not for tomorrow or next month but for when the shit hits the proverbial fan. While it is very likely that the Deplorable nation will win the conflict I fear the skulking socialist tyrant who will wait in the wings not for the coming violence but for the instability that will follow after the BLM ANTIFA agitators are put down along with a lot of political types who egged on the violence.

    Lenin took over after the Tsar was deposed and a ‘democratic government’ took his place. The same is true in China. Hitler rose to power after the German monarchy was deposed. When a powerful system is destroyed there is a vacuum that invites overthrow. The new government is ripe for fraud and deception as the institutions that had reliably although corruptly toiled along for centuries did protect itself and a new regime will not have the experience and system in place to protect itself quick enough to avert a take over attempt.

    Thus, I do not fear the coming conflict and violence as much as the peace that will follow. In that peace are the real dangers that we will face as a nation. The agents of socialism who we should be concerned with are not the political figure heads who we see spouting nonsense on a daily basis. It is the sneaky conniving types that lurk in the shadows pulling the strings of these puppets. These people are truly dangerous as they will not hesitate to eliminate any threat to their power whereas once the violence is initially over, the American will want to heal and return to our tolerant society which is to be honest our undoing.

  2. MN Steel June 4, 2021 / 1:56 pm

    It is best, for those struggling to understand what is happening now, to realize that the United States of America that you remember is no longer.

    If it ever was, even from the beginning.

    Can you name another entity that won a war for independence, yet paid the country it seceded from war reparations? Or never put in stone an official language with which to communicate in?

    I think it’s just the mask being removed from the illusion that this was a serious country run by and for the people that built it, and not a giant strip-mall with magic dirt that is run for the benefit of an elite few.

    The divisions have always been there, but good times paper over a lot of cracks, and the only successful multi-cultural country is small and run with strict rules that everybody MUST abide by or face serious consequences, as Michael Fay FAaFO.

    Nobody is coming to save you, but there will be plenty that will take from your dead body. Local connections are the only way to preserve anything through the other side of the coming maelstrom.

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