2 thoughts on “A Scared Nu World:

  1. Glenda T. Goode November 28, 2021 / 11:07 am

    I am beginning to think that this is the equivalent of a shell game. Just when you think you know what is what, BAM….you find out it is not.

    I am sure if they put as much effort into tracing the common cold they could find ‘Variants’ all over the place and make each discovery a huge news story if they wanted to.

    I am not trying to downplay the risks of a flu to anyone and especially those who are at risk in that case.

    By the same token, this percentage of our society is infinitesimally small. The mortality rate of the covid virus we have been dealing with is very low. In fact, it is as low as the ‘normal seasonal flu’.

    You may wonder why a common ‘flu virus’ (Covid is not any worse than the average flu, regardless of its origins) has garnered so much government attention? The answer is simple.

    Making covid an epidemic (it isn’t really) is an easy way to take over more of our lives and as such, control what we do and at this point even what we are allowed to say.

    Tyrannical socialists will do anything to gain more control since control ensures their continued wealth and power.

    A great question to pose any of these dictatorial politicians and bureaucrats is this:

    “We can end this epidemic today if you give up all your wealth and power”

    “Will you do this for the ‘people’?” we only accept a yes or no answer…….

    You know the responses you would hear.

    A ton of equivocating and blather but not a one of these current tyrants we have in our nation would say YES…..Not one. Their answers will prove that Covid is contrived and not a deadly threat as they make it out to be and that their actions do not really make much of a difference.

    I dare someone to do this….I would love to hear the lies and it would reveal the true nature of these supposed ;’public servants’.,

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