About Those Masks ..

University of Oxford Professor Jim Naismith asserts that despite England dropping its mask mandate in July and Scotland keeping its rules in force, official data shows this “has made no meaningful difference” to infection rates.

One thought on “About Those Masks ..

  1. Mike-SMO November 30, 2021 / 8:35 pm

    Masks are not magic. Surgeons were them to keep from sneezing, drooling, or coughing on a patient’s interior. Mostly, especially in the ER or ICU, the masks keep the wearer from getting a mouth full of blood, vomit, pus or whatever the partient had been rolling around in. In higher risk situations, say with an HIV positive patient, they are likely to add eye protection (shield, visor, goggles). Outer clothing (scrubs, gown, etc) was shed, along with shoe covers, to keep from bringing “work” home to the family. The “biggy” was wash your hands before touching your face or food. As far as Klung Flu goes, make sure that your Vitamin-D(3) levels are up to snuff. Talk with your physician/doctor/health care provider to see what else might be appropriate. The most vulnerable are those with untreated or untreatable comorbidities (medical conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar (?Type-II Diabetes), obesity, etc. “Untreatables are age, and medically induced immune suppression due to therapy for conditions such as cancer, Lupus, Rheumatoid, transplants, implants, etc. Talk to your doc. Don’t get distracted by media babble. Masks are not magic. The vaccines do not provide absolute protection. Your best move may be sanitation and an attention to detail. Some day there will be data on the long term side effects and safety of the vaccines. For now, a physician who knows your condition(s), is the best source of information.

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