Bride of Frankenstein …

Originally posted on The Butcher Shop: submitted by Sharon Swofford *** Please read this carefully and think for yourself!! *** Stolen from a well educated friend: “Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus,measles, rubella, chickenpox,hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis), I want to also add flu and pneumonia. I have never seen…

Bride of Frankenstein — ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

One thought on “Bride of Frankenstein …

  1. Glenda T. Goode January 14, 2022 / 2:03 pm

    Even from before the arrival of Covid we were under a coordinated media assault. This assault is a coordinated effort of the democrats and the socialists utilizing their willing tools in the media.

    This started election day 2016. The fact that Trump won and disrupted the planned path of the socialists caused them to start looking for anything to separate those in the nation who supported Trump from his and their agenda. This is us, the ones who question and doubt their intentions.

    We are people who cherish our rights. We are those who love liberty and want the government to leave us alone. We think that most of our problems are due to the sprawling government and corruption in DC. We all saw Obama as a traitor to our nations great heritage and founding.

    The socialists see us as the anti-socialist movement faction that they must destroy. We are the target as Trump so eloquently put it. We are stopping the left from implementing their socialist utopia where the woke leaders all tell the people what to do and the society obeys or else.

    Covid is not a deadly epidemic. In reality it is a flu that has taken the lives of those most susceptible to the flu and had the government left things alone our economy would still be booming, Trump would have been re-elected and the Utopian future would be pushed back a bit farther.

    The left tried impeachment twice and then when Covid arrived they saw their opportunity to change the narrative and alter our society enough to take back control in DC. This is the mask/vaccine/booster scam we are seeing played out now.

    A year into Biden’s reign of ‘error’ and I wake each day wondering what will the plotters try today? It is tiring just as the 8 years of Obama were. Constant reminders that we are losing our freedoms a bit at a time and that people who hate this country are in charge.

    If they are successful in forcing society to obey their Covid rules and requirements, what is next? We we going to be micro-chipped with RFID chips for easier monitoring? Are we going to be forced to pay horrendous prices for energy and be unable to live as we choose any longer?

    Keep in mind that the left is playing the long game and people need to wake up and understand they do not want to cooperate or get along with us if it means they sacrifice even one issue that is in their agenda. They want total and unilateral control over not just the government but the society as a whole. Every aspect and every activity.

    The democrats are not political opponents. They seek to take over our nation. They are the enemies of freedom and liberty. They are opposed to the very fundamental human rights enshrined as freedoms not to be taken by the government. They want conformity and obedience and the end of free and independent thinking. They seek the end of people who love freedom as we do. We are to be either re-trained or isolated and eliminated from the public square and the public forum. We are the ‘un-people’ that George Orwell spoke of in his novel “1984”.

    People who oppose our founding and our freedoms must be stopped. They must be turned back and driven from our government offices at all levels. Their thinking is an anathema to the founders’ vision. They would have been frog marched out of the capitol if they were present during the years that our nation arose from. They are traitors to the notion of freedom and liberty.

    We must re-establish the vision and promises our founders created and do it soon and before it will be too late.

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