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My huge fear right now is that our military hasn’t had enough diversity training to prepare them for this moment. Have we recruited enough lesbians? Are our armed forces sufficiently trans-inclusive? Have they confronted their white privilege? Do they know enough about systemic racism? These are the questions that haunt us all.
I think Biden’s best move at this point is to record another TikTok skit with a flamboyantly gay social media influencer.

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  1. pzcdr67 February 24, 2022 / 3:30 pm

    I lay awake at night worrying that the Alphabet People have been properly steeled against hurt feelings and misgender identification. Can they operate their weapon system without being offended? Will they be upset and refuse when the order is given “to man your weapons” ? The Long Grey Line has been replaced with the Short Rainbow Line. The enemy has weapons of mass destruction and we have weapons of mass indoctrination and woke propaganda. I miss the Jodies. The Snowflake Line will melt at first contact with the enemy if we continue to “train” in this manner. Milley needs to turn in his Soldiers Card and Man Card. How many BIPOCs will I offend if I had to explain, “This my rifle, this is my gun. One is for shooting, the other is for fun.” Soldiers, in the day, were trained to do three things: Drink, F—k, and Fight – depending on the opportunity that presents itself first. The good Soldiers are manning the wall, but too many are now leaving for the reasons stated in the article. Milley (our present day Benedict Arnold) has hallowed our armed forces. He’s no better than our Traitor in Chief. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing!

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