The War At Home ..

The Silent Invasion and War at Home

It has been chilling to watch the steady number of deaths, the territory invaded, the executions and rapes, the fear and the flight.  It is especially shocking because we had peace for so long, but now we see all the possibilities of evil coming out.

I’m not talking about Ukraine — I’m speaking of an invasion right here in the United States.  Migrants, mostly Hispanic, are entering the U.S. at the rate of at least 2 million per year — or 20 million in the next decade — and with them come hundreds of thousands of violent gang members.  Meanwhile, our own inner-city gangs are spreading out into affluent suburban areas, invading high-end shopping areas and stealing from stores and individuals, often at gunpoint and with deadly consequences.

2 thoughts on “The War At Home ..

  1. Mike-SMO May 14, 2022 / 1:53 pm

    Compton, California. It is a plan.

    Since forever, Compton (LA South) has been ~100% Black with ~100 murders per year. The Hispanics (and their gangs) moved in and targeted the Black gang-bangers, their families and their friends. Compton is now ~70% Hispanic with virtually no violent crime, grift for the politicians and profit for the property owners. LA South is ghetto-ghetto-ghetto. Most US cities are a ghetto core surrounded by functional suburban and rural areas. You are going to enjoy your new neighbors.

  2. Glenda T. Goode May 14, 2022 / 2:14 pm

    Ultimately we will be faced with making a choice. One will be to acquiesce to ongoing influx of ignorant and uncultured peoples of the central American lands and also accept that our nation of Christian respectful people and our heritage is gone.

    The other will be to stand up and fight if necessary to preserve our nation as it once and should be. This will mean being willing to do what it takes to force a reset upon the inner cabal in dc and other places who are totally against our nation in terms of its heritage and traditions. These people are this way out of personal greed and lust for power and not for any virtuous reason.

    While I pose these options I am doing so knowing that we on the right have knuckled under all too many times already after we have won serious elections and by doing so the same crap keeps going on. We work to elect people to change things only to see the same old crap go on.

    I am not a racist by the way. I just expect that people who really want to be here will do so legally and also assimilate into our society. Today we see people trying to convert regions of our nation into their own versions of their home countries. Little Mexico cities all over full of crime and human abuses all the while pushing drugs into the rest of the nation which kill our children without any remorse on the side of the drug pushers.

    No, if our country is to ever restore any semblance of the nation it was 60 years ago we will have to fight to get the control and then fight to see that these laws, rights and traditions are upheld. We will have to oust an entire class of parasitic citizen we have lodged in government who will resist and refuse to change how they have done things simply because they stand to lose a lot of power and control and humans who are not patriotic will do anything to keep their power and influence including sell out the nation in the process. This is what we are up against.

    We need term limits nationwide. Our founders never envisioned a ruling class. They saw our government being filled with citizens who came to do their duty in government and then would leave to allow others to take their place. Keeping the same politicians in office term after term only allows them to gain more and more influence and power.

    You see, greed is a terrible sin. We have an entire Congress where almost all the members are guilty of that vice. Greed. Otherwise how could so many enter Congress in their first term as typical middle class Americans and then by the end of that term they are millionaires. Greed. avarice, selling influence. Corruption. It is the only explanation I can think of.

    These people have to go. So do most of the bureaucratic population who are employed in government. Our federal government has become bloated and useless as far as protecting the heritage of our nation as well as the rights of the citizens. In fact, these government employees go out of their way to create rights that do not exist for special interest groups at the expense of the taxpayers and without regard to the damage these policies do to our American traditions and values.

    So, will deplorable nation be gracious if and when we retake the Whitehouse and Congress or will we come in and sweep out the riffraff that is the current state of affairs? If we do not do that, I do not think that this will end. Ultimately we will be pushed into a corner and prodded to fight for our rights and freedoms and if we do not do so when we are ahead, we will end up dying as we fight against the might of the government and every lethal tool at its disposal.

    Yes, there is a war at home…..and we will lose if we do not do the right thing soon.

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