3 thoughts on “Parkland dad blames gun control push for Uvalde …

  1. Glenda T. Goode May 27, 2022 / 5:02 pm

    We can turn our schools into locked down prisons. We can ban almost any type of weapon and do you want to know something? These murders will continue. Besides that, what kind of mental impact with this have on our innocent children who are not the problem? No, this is not the answer.

    Better to ask why are these things happening?

    It is because we as a society are not effectively dealing with the mental health problems of our citizens. The whole notion of ‘MAINSTREAMING’ is a farce. We mainstream every amoral, antisocial, violence prone person we can including many of the school shooters of the past 30 years. Modern mental health advocates claim this ‘helps’ those afflicted adapt to living in society.

    I will ask you: How many children have to die before we agree this is not working???

    It used to be people who could not fit into society were not allowed to run loose among the normal and productive people. Now we let addicts live on the streets providing them with ‘safe places’ to shoot up and take whatever destructive drug they have, mind you, they probably committed crimes to get the money to buy them.

    It used to be children who were violence prone and aggressive towards their classmates ended up in special schools where they could not act out their violent urges.

    Used to be we kept repeat criminals in jail to stop them from committing more crimes. Now we turn them loose without bail.

    Let’s face it, the ‘liberal progressive experiment’ that began in our schools in the new age 60’s has failed miserably. Since then this lax, no discipline attitude of governance has crept into every part of our society.

    Drug addiction is at an all time high.

    Violence in our cities is at an all time high.

    We have been mainstreaming CRIMINALS for 60 years and now we are seeing the long term results.

    It is not the gun that needs to be controlled.

    It is the antisocial violence prone individuals who need to be controlled!!!!

    When someone cannot stop themselves from harming or wanting to harm others, their rights to be free to roam in our society end. Especially when they develop these traits in school where there are multitudes of witnesses and victims. This is before they can get a truly lethal weapon and use it.

    The most recent shooter had a reputation of violent intent and sadism towards animals that should have put him in a facility and not at liberty in the community he lived in.

    This is true of virtually every school shooter in the last 30 years. These murderers telegraphed their evil intentions repeatedly and long before they finally took a weapon and started killing people.

    We need to heed these warnings and get these people our of our communities.

    I close by saying you could remove every gun in our society and these people will still act out and harm and kill people. It is not their choice of weapon that is the problem. It is what is between their ears that is the problem.

    Evil exists despite our best efforts to ‘mainstream’ it and hope it goes away. Time for a change.

    • nootkabear May 27, 2022 / 7:23 pm

      I have to agree with you 100%! When the FBI, local cops, and others know that a kid has these problems, and do nothing, it is they who are guilty of the crimes. If someone began holding them accountable, they wouldn’t be so quick to do nothing about these kids who have lost reality.

      When a kid buys a couple of rifles, 1600 rounds of ammo, body armor, and has been saying for a couple of years they are going to shoot up the school, one has to wonder where this kid got all that money. What one worked for McDonalds or something like that, the Buffalo kid had somewhere Twenty-five Hundred Dollars worth of equipment, just like this kid in the school. Both of them were known to have problems.

      Mk Ultra maybe? It would not take much for a kids with crazy ideas, and not happy with their lives, to be controlled to the point that they would do this without even realizing they were being controlled. Someone needs to look very deeply into the background of who has been messing with these kids’ minds. If the FBI knows about the kids’ behavior…

      Just saying. I don’t anyone these days who can just go blow that much money for new rifles, and the price ammo has been much too high to buy, IF

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