How About No Compromise!! As In Hell No!!

No Compromise on Guns

Here is my proposed gun control compromise following the latest attack on children that millions of us did not commit. Ready? You gun fascists can kiss my Schumer and we keep our guns. In fact, let’s also repeal the National Firearms Act and impose national constitutional carry. I think this compromise fairly balances our respective legitimate interests regarding guns. Our legitimate interest is maintaining the capacity to deter and defeat tyrants and criminals. Your legitimate interest in limiting our ability to do so is non-existent. 


4 thoughts on “How About No Compromise!! As In Hell No!!

  1. nootkabear June 6, 2022 / 11:52 pm

    I really like the guy that wrote that, and agree with him 100%. Why don’t we have people in govt like him? He makes a lot of sense. I saw a video on Rumble yesterday with Jim Hanson or Henson. He and another man retired from the Military. Jim took the time to explain the Second Amendment better than anyone I have ever heard. We should have people like Jim and the man that wrote the article “How about no compromise!..”
    We get the likes of Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newman, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, and the list is long, and all of them became millionaires during the many years of “service” of doing nothing for Americans – except to get rich and steal our tax money by laundering it through the likes of Ukraine; grooming our children with story time drag-queens, dragging our military down into a bunch of fairies wearing red high heels; and having a President that can’t carry on a 5 minute speech without making us look like a laughing stock.
    We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen to a once great nation!!!
    We put up with election fraud, is if it was nothing more than a kid forgetting his homework. WTF?
    I don’t feel like becoming physically ill tonight from thinking too much about most of Americans, that you and I aren’t a part of.

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