American Handgunner Forgetting To Remember …

"To forget our past is to be ignorant of what’s transpiring now. We see things happening around us but we often miss the foundation. Without knowing how we got here we’re only seeing the echo from those events occurring decades or even 200 years prior. In talking with young people today, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard, “Oh, I never thought of that” or “I didn’t know that’s why we do that.” Worse yet, is when they say, “Oh, I don’t really care about history, it’s so — old.” "

4 thoughts on “American Handgunner Forgetting To Remember …

  1. nootkabear June 29, 2022 / 8:40 pm

    That was a good article. I could almost smell old magazines and books while reading that. It’s funny how that happens sometimes. Reading something that makes you feel like that. Of course, I had a boyfriend when I was young, whose father owned an old bookstore. It was a very popular bookstore that dealt with a lot of used books. Kind of like a club where you’d get your weeks worth of books, read them, bring them back and continue week after week. That bookstore is what I could smell. Really cool.
    See, I can be nice and sweet sometimes too. He, He, He…

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