What Should We Do When the Police and Politicians Leave Our Kids to Die?


We will see policemen stand still during a violent attack when they should move forward to protect our children. It has happened many times before. It will happen again. What should we do if we are there? Those are difficult decisions, but we have no options if we’re harmless and helpless. We have choices to make if we’re dangerous and capable. Perhaps you’re armed and also know trauma care, so what should you do if a violent murderer comes to your community?

We will freeze if we don’t have a plan. That is the natural response when we are thrown into a surprising situation. To make matters worse, this scene gives us no good options. It is uncomfortable to consider it. Think about it now because it would be worse to act impulsively or to freeze in shock. If we think about it now then we can recognize a situation…

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One thought on “What Should We Do When the Police and Politicians Leave Our Kids to Die?

  1. pzcdr67 June 29, 2022 / 10:54 am

    Unfortunately no one wants to be the guy who inadvertently killed a child while trying to rescue them. Unlike the Israelis , we will never win the war against terrorists because we won’t accept a friendly body count. At Ft Benning several years ago a member of the Israeli rescue force at Entebee told us this. He told that every Israeli knows that if they are in a hostage situation they have less than a 50-50 chance of getting out alive. He said, “We shouted in Hebrew for our people to hit the floor. The terrorists or anyone left standing was shot. Unfortunately, two of the hostages remained standing as we raked the room with machines gun fire. That was unfortunate, but acceptable. All Israelis know this. He said “You Americans must be ruthless with terrorists. Kill them – do not take prisoners otherwise their comrades will take more hostages to get them released. There was a terrorist hiding underneath a bunk. He tried to surrender- we shot him.”
    If a police officer did the above to save someone like this, they would be fired, sued, and disgraced in the media. Heroes are scrutinized worse then the killers.
    Arm chair generals and limp dick politicians would be the first in line to do so – regardless of party.
    I believe a majority of law enforcement want to do the right thing but are hampered by the policies now in place. I can’t imagine the anxiety most of them went through- torn between courage, duty, and trial by pundits.
    We’ve made our police impotent – ask the Israelis.

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