So, how did Crimo get his weapons?

How the Highland Park Shooter Reportedly Obtained His Guns Is Beyond Ridiculous

Sounds like his parents, especially his Father, are complicit in this ordeal.



2 thoughts on “So, how did Crimo get his weapons?

  1. Glenda T. Goode July 6, 2022 / 11:58 am

    This is yet another case where a young individual who has had serious, potentially dangerous interactions with police was allowed to obtain a firearm. This is, sadly, the pattern of practically all of the mass shooters we have seen in recent history.

    I ask:

    ‘Why don’t parents act to protect the community when they are aware their child is dangerous?’

    When I was a kid, anyone who made threatening remarks towards anyone was generally not around much longer before they disappeared somewhere for mental evaluations. There was no tolerance for what were perceived to be real threats against anyone and when older teens did it they took it seriously.

    I blame the mental health industry for some of this. Mainstreaming mentally ill people has led to our huge homeless problem as well as increases in violence in our communities.

    I also blame parents for not thinking about the community and only thinking of how things look for them if their child is under psychiatric evaluation. Too many parents willingly ignore serious signs of mental maladjustment in their older children and they refuse to make the hard choices of acting to limit their children’s rights because it would make things difficult for them.

    This murderer is no different than the Uvalde shooter or the shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school. You can add the Newtown Connecticut shooter in as well. None of these people should have been allowed to obtain a firearm in it is also possible that they should have not been in the community to begin with.

    We need to stop pretending that our kids are perfect and that we did a great job and our job is over when they turn 18. Practically all of the mass shooters were enabled by their parents who showed no regard for the community in their lack of responsibility for their offspring. The same can be said for any relative who really knew these people and were aware of their propensity of violent behavior.

    Lastly, the local police need to refer these individuals for psychiatric evaluation when they become aware of their presence. This requires a court order and while it is possible that this process will be abused by authorities, it is also possible that had this been done and in some cases, repeatedly, these violent individuals would have not been able to obtain a firearm.

    I also heard that the parents co-signed the shooters application for a firearm permit and if they did knowing he was violent, they should be charged with contributing to this horrible crime.

    If I own a dangerous animal and allow it to be loose in the community and someone is injured or killed I am responsible. The same is true in this case even with adult children if parents do not act to protect their neighbors.

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