2 thoughts on “GUNS Magazine Lead Reckoning …..

  1. nootkabear August 7, 2022 / 1:29 pm

    Good read! The anti-gunners are never going to be happy when a good samaritan takes out a shooter. Never ceases to amaze me. When normal people are allowed to carry (Constitutional Carry), it teaches the bad guys a very important lesson,. You never know who is carrying, and someone is going to put you down when you go shooting innocent civilians.

    Did you see the video about what they are doing in Brazil, due to the numerous attacks by people on motorcycles? Brazil deemed that should good samaritans see people on motorcycles robbing, beating, killing normal citizens, the ones seeing it happening can either hold them for the authorities to arrive, or they can now take matters into their own hands. The video was really wild. All I can say, is it must’ve gotten really bad, cause the ones in the video, were not holding them for the authorities to arrive. They were taking care of the problem. The Brazilian President stated that they were going to take care of the matter, and will put a stop to the violence of the motorcyclists.
    And, they are.

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