What Next??

In the last month we have had to replace..

Water softner…ouch..I’m not a plumber!!!

Ceiling fan. Own a split. Fan in entry way up there, about 20 feet up. Most Dearest said a big NO! To my doing it! But found a reasonable electrician to do so.

Igniter on our gas oven. I don’t mess with gas, but wasn’t to bad having it replaced.

And this morning walked downstairs to take the mutt out and why are my feet wet??!!?? Floor drain plugged in laundry room. Now we have had minor issues lately with it, but this was major.

Third plumber I called was able to get over late morning and take care of it.


On the fun side, we ordered a couple of eBikes. We both like riding, but had fallen off to almost zero bike time the last couple years and had a chance recently to ride a friend’s eBike and were sold.

And now that we have the time..


2 thoughts on “What Next??

  1. Nancy August 19, 2022 / 6:58 pm

    To reverse the curse for the next month you have to drive everywhere in reverse, just remember that left turns are right and right turns are left and try not to get lost. Good luck 🤞😃

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