At Least I Still Bounce…

Today on our daily bike ride I got taken out by a kid not paying attention as

he came out of a wooded area around a curve. Never even saw me as he was not paying attention.

I managed to slow down and get over as far as I could, not a lot of time to react. He drilled me head on. Managed to tuck and roll as i hit the ground. Nice, soft grass. In a residential neighborhood, so of course a couple saw it and came out to check on us.

Most Dearest was behind me and said everything seemed happen in slow motion.

All is okay and after I made I was in one piece, made sure the kid was also. He was maybe 12, 13 yo. He was fine, embarrassed and apologizing profusely.

Continued on.our way after checking bike over…

Probably feel it later.

Most Dearest was impressed by my tuck, roll and bounce.

4 thoughts on “At Least I Still Bounce…

  1. Matthew W October 2, 2022 / 5:26 pm

    Always expect the unexpected, that’s when the unexpected can be expected
    Kamala Harris

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