One thought on “Biden Fires Away at Most Guns …

  1. Glypto Dropem November 28, 2022 / 1:42 pm

    Think like the gun grabbers, and then fight them to the death.

    The basic description of a semi-automatic firearm is that one round is fired for each pull of the trigger. The energy from the fired round propels the bullet out the muzzle, ejects the empty shell, and loads an unfired round into the chamber. The trigger must be fully reset to fire the next round and repeat the process until the magazine is empty or the trigger is completely released.

    Think about a revolver. Is it not also semi-automatic? One round for one pull of the trigger. In double action, each pull of the trigger rotates the cylinder to an unfired round and cocks the hammer back. When the hammer releases and strikes the primer, the energy from the fired round propels the bullet out the muzzle. When the trigger resets and is pulled again the process is repeated until all rounds in the cylinder have been fired or the shooter stops pulling the trigger. In single action, the hammer is pulled to the rear and the cylinder rotates independent of pulling the trigger, which simply releases the hammer to fire the round.

    My point here is this; if anyone thinks they only want your semi-auto firearms, you are sadly mistaken. THEY WANT THEM ALL!!

    Give them none without blood.

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