4 thoughts on “When What Is UNKNOWN Proves Governments Fail At Preventing Gun Crime – Prepared Gun Owners

  1. nootkabear January 3, 2023 / 1:32 pm

    Good article. That’s what the govts want, they want only the criminals to have guns. Just like they’re bringing in all of these illegal aliens who don’t get covid shots, while they try to force every legal, law abiding citizens to get the killer shots. They are slowly replacing Americans with people who never had a Constitution, and don’t bitch about their rights being violated, cause they never had any rights. They allow criminals of all kinds come waltzing in, and give them money, food, shelter, drivers licenses, schooling, knowing damn good and well, if they can’t speaka de englis they won’t be working for a living. The taxpayers area about at their wits end.

    Think about it, the taxpayers have been making the Palosis, Schumers, Bidens, and a whole plethora of politicians in this country rich. What’d they say about Liz Cheney, she made something like $36 Million for 6 years service? I am not sure who she serviced, but she got her cut.

    They print more money, take it literally out of the taxpayers’ hands and spend it like water. $100 Billion to Ukraine, $500 Million her, a Billion there, and the taxpayers, have the nerve enough to think that some of the money will be spent on making our lives better. How dare we ask, NO! you get nothing, we have to send it to Ukraine, one of the most corrupt places on earth, so that they will launder it and send it back to our own politicians. WTF? Why don’t we just cut out the middleman, and let the politicians take it from us without sending to to Ukraine?

    We are supposed to be so stupid that we don’t know the money is coming right back to them. Well, that’s not true, they know that we know (a lot of us do), and they don’t give a shit. They still send it to Ukraine first.

    As for the guns, governments only want to get rid of guns because they are afraid of the people. Then, they want to pull their power bullshit and put the J6 people in prison and throw away the key, forcing them to live in less than humane conditions, why? Because they are afraid of Trump? Someone with balls enough to stand up to them, they treat citizens, who exercised their rights to protest, when they are actually acting like Americans are supposed to act. I’ve seen the videos of the truth. Our politicians need to be replaced, with people that love this country, and aren’t out to get rich on the taxpayers hard earned money. Let their political opponents back out of jail, call it a day, and get the hell out of our country!

    Sorry, I needed to vent, and your blog is always good for that. I believe that you will let me vent, and not get offended if I say some bad words, or am feeling hostile.

    Happy New Year!!!

    • MaddMedic January 3, 2023 / 2:54 pm

      Happy New Year to you also!! Vent away!!

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