Saving the planet with 15 minute cities

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Isn’t it wonderful that all that nasty carbon will be sorted simply by preventing us from traveling too far? It’ll feel a bit like the CV lockdowns I expect but remember, it’s for the planet. At least now we’re a bit used to restrictions.

I wonder if Klaus and friends will live in these cities? And how might they get around those trips to Switzerland every year? I expect they will have that sorted by maybe saving up their travel permits? Or get exemptions perhaps?

It is really good to see they are now encouraging healthy eating and exercise too (see the image above). I feel this has been seriously lacking of late.

Anyway, here is an excellent little video commentary below at the link, detailing just what it will mean for Joe or Jill citizen. Be sure to check out the extra links below the video in the notes…

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3 thoughts on “Saving the planet with 15 minute cities

  1. nootkabear January 26, 2023 / 10:03 pm

    The documents within our County have shown this for years. I have been trying to get people to notice. Hell no one will even take the time to see if the County’s future plans state what I have been claiming. They’re like “yea, right, and which bottle of koolaide have you been drinking from?”. Freaking idiots. They even refuse to repair the roads around here. We have grass growing in the cracks in the road, and people still won’t believe it. They are throwing up crackerbox sized apartments everywhere, that are on the busiest as hell roads, and pour all our tax dollars into bullshit, that has nothing to do with how our lives currently are.
    They talk about the “stakeholders”. WTF, who the hell are the stakeholders? I can ask that a million times, and no one ever answers. They said that there will be glorious parks, but we aren’t allowed to go there.
    People here are just in lala land, worried more about getting a new jab for $100 gift cards that the county gives them. What are these idiots thinking? I guess the think that no of this is meant for them. That they won’t be living in these little communities where you live, work, shop, and play games, all within walking distance of your crackerbox apartment. My God people awaken. Just like the dipshits working for the county, they don’t think this will phase any of them, they are above everyone else you know. Hell the Court clerks here, never went back to work after covid, they are still shut down.
    What is the world thinking? That this is a fu__ing joke? I would have said the word, but I have already had people tell me I should not be so crude on their blogs, and all I said then was that we might as well bend over and kiss our happy little asses good-bye.

    Ok, my rant for the week, thanks for putting up with me!

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