2 thoughts on “The 70 Seconds that Shook the World…

  1. Glenda T. Goode March 18, 2023 / 11:01 am

    We will look back upon the Trump/Biden years and realize that the forces aligned against freedom finally reared up and showed their faces for all to see. Before this we may have suspected that there was a unified and organized enemy lined up against us but after the Covid disaster it became evident to all that there is a junta seeking to destroy us. Add the Hunter Biden influence peddling scam that includes Joe Biden and you have all you need to see to know the Obama driven destruction of America was still going full speed ahead.

    The lies of the media coupled with virtually identical talking points coming from deep state sources removed all doubt that there is no fair playing field left. The Jan 6 tapes being released proving that it was definitely not an insurrection despite what the media and democrats tell us is just more proof we are being lied to constantly.

    If we cannot trust our government I ask, Why should we obey it? Seems to me that sending tax dollars to the government is like we are intentionally hurting ourselves instead of doing something that betters our lives.

    At some point, the forces of justice and liberty will come head to head with the tyranny that this governmental corruption represents. I hope we are ready to stand our ground.

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