2 thoughts on “WaPo wrestles with 400-million privately owned guns …

  1. Glenda T. Goode March 29, 2023 / 3:00 pm

    The intentional ignorance must be self imposed by WaPo. Any minimal research would show that there are other rifle rounds that are far more lethal and let us not forget shotguns. Articles like this are not sources of facts.

    No, it is an agenda issue designed to convey a political goal for the left of disarming America. I believe there are far more than 400 million firearms in our country and as a percentage against the guns in private hands the incidence of violence is going down not up. With the declining crime rate and the increasing number of guns in private hands this is un-arguable. The more guns we have in private hands the lower the percentage that legally and privately owned guns are involved in violent crime. This is a fact.

    What has gone up is the number of gun violence incidents that make the headlines on a daily basis. Linked directly to this is the societal deterioration of the young adult population who are more and more being numbed to violence by the games they play, the movies they watch and the music they listen to. No one wants to take this on because the money that these industries represent are the backbone of the pipeline of money flowing to the democrats who make the most noise in DC. You have to fix the attitudes of this generation if you want to reduce gun violence. Nothing else will solve this.

  2. kamas716 March 29, 2023 / 4:25 pm

    There was an estimate of over 500M privately held firearms in the US several years ago that made some quite reasonable assumptions, at a time when the lowball figure of 300M was going around. I think that number has only gone up since then.

    As for disarming the population, even if it could be done, bad bad things tend to happen a couple of decades afterwards. I’d rather have the unfortunate collateral damage of a couple of thousand innocent people getting killed each year than the entirely possible scenario of various government entities coming around to imprison/kill large segments of the population because they are currently disfavored.

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