Gun Bits and Ridiculous..

Okay. This falls under ridiculous and falls on me. I have a gun or 2, okay maybe more. But what I do not have and have often looked for  and asked myself do I really need that.

What? A full size semi auto hand gun. Glock 17, Springfield XD, etc. I have my daily carry, Kahr CW 9. A revolver, there may be a Hi-Point somewhere. A couple of other .22 handguns.

But no high capacity, one of them clip magazine guns that holds a buncha bullets.

I’m reconsidering, but I may be to late. Not finding much that’s affordable. Checking shops around me, pretty thin pickings.

Why did I not take care of this earlier!!?? Cheapskate, procrastinator I guess.

(As for long guns, I’m good there!!)

Ban of Blackjacks, Billy Clubs, and Batons to go before Ninth Circuit

What would work well? My son’s tee ball and little league bats!!! Which he outgrew many years ago and they are still around. May be one in the trunk..

Never was a Motley Crue fan. Always though Tommy Lee was an ass

Gun Owners Should Welcome Tommy Lee’s Threat to Leave U.S.

So will Tommy Lee come to gather up our guns and melt them into a Hillary Clinton statue before he leaves? Or does he have more blacks to assault and women to kick first? (Motley Crue/Facebook)

I wish he would try..

Poor Everytown..

Gun-Friendly California Judge Scores Another 2A Case, Everytown Livid


South Korea: At Least 25 Dead Following Flu Vaccinations

“The number of deaths has increased, but our team sees low possibility that the deaths resulted from the shots,” the agency’s director, Jeong Eun-kyeong, told parliament.

And the Hospital I work for has mandated flu shots this years……

And I have never gotten one…

Speaking of those large capacity clip/ magazines…

Ten cases over the last few years where people have had fire ten or more shots in self defense

A Mask is Like a Concealed-Carry Firearm

Oh happy joy!! 2020 keeps rolling along….

Arctic outbreak could break low-temp records in central U.S. this weekend, bring strong winds and snow

With what has happened, what is happening and what is coming..It is important!!

The Second Amendment is as necessary today as it has ever been

Lyin’ Biden…

LIE OF THE NIGHT: Biden Says No One Lost Their Health Insurance Under Obamacare


We Used To Educate

Yes we did…Today not so much..


These days, no one wants to be responsible for anything. No integrity. but in the old days we had our kids read books and develop their minds by engaging them with discussions about morals, actions, and ideas. I have said for years that Socialism became acceptable when ‘educators’ got rid of ‘The Little Red Hen.’ Paul taught in the Bible that if you don’t work you don’t eat. But now Socialist justice is rotting the culture from the inside out. You are not responsible for anything you do. Unless you exercise conservative free speech in which case you are a hater; maybe even a racist!

I guarantee that my granddaughter will be educated. If I am out of the picture, her momma will teach her. Hope I’m around for a few more years so I can impart to her conservative thought, logic, and personal responsibility. Combat shooting, knife fighting, and…

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The Economic Impact of the Biden Agenda

International Liberty

The good news is that the election season is almost over. The bad news is that we’ll have a president next year who does not embrace classical liberal principles of free markets and social tolerance.

But that doesn’t mean Trump and Biden are equally bad. Depending on what issues you think are most important, they’re not equally bad in what they say. And, because politicians often make insincere promises, they’re not equally bad in what they’ll actually do.

Regarding Trump, we have a track record. We know he’s pro-market on some issues (taxes and red tape) and we know he’s anti-market on other issues (spending and trade).

Regarding Biden, we have his track record in the United States Senate, where he routinely voted to expand the burden of government.

But we also have his presidential platform. And that’s the topic for today’s column. We’re going to…

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