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Nets Censor BLOCKBUSTER Expose on Obama’s Hidden Iran Deal Secrets


While ABC, CBS and NBC on Monday and Tuesday found time to celebrate the return of “easy-going,” rested Barack Obama to the public scene, none of them covered the release of a blockbuster expose that reveals the buried secrets of the ex-President’s Iran deal giveaway.

Nets Revel in Trump ‘Backing Down’ on Border Wall


On Tuesday, the broadcast networks were delighted that President Trump decided to temporarily hold off on border wall funding in order to help reach a budget deal in Congress. Rather than credit Trump for making a reasonable compromise to avoid a government shutdown, the NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows eagerly spun the news as a defeat for the White House.

Matthews Strongly Defends, Re-Ups Comparing Trump Family to Romanovs, Saddam’s Children


Showing that he’s somewhat incapable of shame, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews re-upped and defended on Tuesday night his comparisons of the Trump family to the ultimately-slaughtered Romanovs and Saddam Hussein’s murderous sons Uday and Qusay.

Nets Hype Ivanka Getting Heckled at Women’s Summit in Germany


Ivanka Trump was embracing her role as adviser to the president on Tuesday when she was representing the United States at a women’s summit in Berlin, Germany. While on stage, she stated that her father has “been a tremendous champion of supporting families.” And with that, the European audience “hissed” and “jeered.” The liberal Big Three networks were more than happy to pounce on the incident and replay it that evening.

WashPost Gushes Over Alarmist Bill Nye: ‘Icon’ Ready for His ‘Movement’


The Washington Post on Monday offered a glowing look at “icon” Bill Nye, celebrating his “movement” coming to fruition at this past weekend’s March for Science. Writer Caitlin Gibson sounded as though she was describing a rock star: “The moment he emerged onstage in a black jacket and red bow tie, the crowd noise hit near-deafening decibels. A sea of iPhones appeared, everyone stretching and jostling for the best possible photo angle. They cupped their hands to their mouths, screaming his name.”

Nets Who Tied Trump to Anti-Semitism Ignore Visit to Holocaust Museum


On Tuesday, President Donald Trump paid his respects for Holocaust Remembrance Day with a visit to the National Holocaust Museum just a few blocks away from the White House. There he denounced anti-Semitic attacks saying: “It has been on display in the most sinister manner when terrorists attack Jewish communities or when aggressors threaten Israel with total and complete destruction. This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism.” Yet all of the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) omitted his remarks from their evening reports.

Ron Howard: Trump Inspired Nazi Scientist in New Nat Geo Series


It seems as if Hollywood can’t get enough of comparing our president to a certain German 20th century dictator. Liberal director Ron Howard added his contribution Tuesday, revealing to the Daily Beast that Trump inspired a Nazi character in his new television series about Albert Einstein called “Genius.”

Recognizing the Religious Spirit in the Workplace

Recognizing the Religious Spirit in the Workplace

April 26

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).

Living according to rules and regulations and by our own human efforts is a trap set by the religious spirit in the workplace that we can all fall into. Do you know the signs of the religious spirit when it is operating in the workplace? The religious spirit discourages a genuine move of God and will thwart the activity of God under the banner of religious righteousness and dogma. It also motivates believers to live out their faith in legalistic and rigid ways. We need to be aware of how this happens in a workplace. Here are some characteristics of how the religious spirit manifests itself in believers in workplace situations:

-Workers may have difficulty praying and applying God’s promises to everyday work encounters.

-Workers may believe that biblical truths apply only to their personal lives, families and churches, not to their jobs. -Workers may focus on evangelizing coworkers, but fail to do their work with excellence.

-Workers may give greater priority to religious activity and events than to relationships with others at work.

-Workers maintain a “us” versus “them” attitude when relating to non-Christians in the workplace.

-Workers may refuse to join a workplace prayer group or Bible study because they feel that it is trying to replace the role of their local church. Workers don’t see a need for such activity in the workplace.

-Workers feel the need to compartmentalize faith activities to their local church alone.

-Workers discount the idea that Christianity could transform a workplace, city, or nation as “overzealous,” “naïve” or even doctrinally wrong.

Beware of this when trying to encourage faith in your workplace. Remember, Stephen was the first martyr in the early church at the hands of religious leaders. You will find your greatest resistance often comes from those in the religious community.

Going – yet not knowing

April 26
Going – yet not knowing
For reading & meditation: Acts 20:17-35
“And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there.” (v.22)

We come now to examine another area into which our Lord, eager to obtain fruit from our lives, may be leading us: that of ambiguity and uncertainty. By ambiguity, I mean those situations we sometimes find ourselves in where the Lord’s purposes are not clear, and by uncertainty, I mean the feelings we get when we dont know which direction to take on the road ahead. Are you the kind of person who likes to see the way ahead as far as you possibly can? Do you find yourself getting irritated and frustrated when the Lord unfolds His purposes just one step at a time? If so, then your irritation is saying something about you. What is it saying? Perhaps it is saying that in this area of your life, you are “a corn of wheat afraid to die”; you are fearful of trusting yourself to the unseen and unknown purposes of God. There isn’t a Christian reading my words now who hasn’t been called to walk this path of uncertainty and ambiguity, and there may be many who are there at this moment. The apostle Paul, in the verse before us today, was in this situation when he said: “I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there” (v.22, GNB). What an honest admission: going – yet not knowing. Yet there seems to be no anxiety or apprehension in that statement. And why? Because the great apostle had died to all self-interest. Having surrendered to God, he was not at the mercy of circumstances, situations, feelings – anything. Sure of God – the one great Certainty – he needed to fear no uncertainty.
O God, I see that unless my certainty is in You – the divine Certainty – I will be at the mercy of all uncertainties. Forgive my little antics of self-dependence. Help me to live in God-dependence. Amen.
For further study:
1. What should our attitude be?
2. What picture does James give us of life?