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Basic Medical References You Need On Hand

And training. Basic first aid. Emergency Medical Responder (1st Responder). Emergency Medical Technician. All good training for emergency care.

The Tactical Hermit


I am a big believer in dedicating a large portion of both your Training budget and Preparation time to medical preparedness.

In every SHTF, ass-hole puckering situation I have ever been in, I used this skill-set the most above all others.

*This is one of those articles you will want to stick on your “Medical Reference”  flash drive for sure.*

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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Gun News …

NRA, SAF Lawsuit Evokes Fundamental Questions About Rights and Democracy

 “The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association have filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging gun control….

Rampage Killing in Russia and the United States form “Media Contagion Cluster”

 On October 17, 2018, a student at a technical college in the Crimean city of Kerch carried out a Columbine-style rampage….

Swalwell Controversy Caused By All-Around Stupidity

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is no friend of law-abiding gun owners. That much was pretty clear when he announced that he favored an Australia-style “buyback” of certain semi-automatic rifles. Well, on November 16, he went…

Angry Anarchists, Communists, & Bernie Supporters Oh My! ~ VIDEO

What do you do when anti-gun politicians pass infringement after infringement despite continuous outrage and objection from the people? Well in this week’s episode of the out of order..
If we’re truly serious, however, about reducing gun-violence rates and increasing personal safety, we must ensure that policy decisions are made with an eye toward facts and reality, not panic and outrage. The facts tell us that most….
Newsweek Writer: Only AR-15 Owners I know are Mass Murderers

Newsweek writer Nina Burleigh claimed Saturday that almost every person she has heard of who owns an AR-15 rifle “has been a mass murderer.” And “based on Twitter sample the rest of them are scarily paranoid,” Burleigh tweeted. “Get on the right side of history,” she urged, tagging NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and right-wing personality Joe Biggs, who are both outspoken supporters of the Second….
The debate over gun control in America, if “debate” is the right word for it, has become stale and predictable to the point of parody—but a sad, bitter parody, not a funny one. That’s true largely, if we may be permitted to generalize, because the measures gun-control supporters propose after mass shootings don’t actually prevent mass shootings or, indeed, any kind of shootings. And since they…..