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Block Logic

Block Logic

May 30

"For this is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: "Houses, fields and vineyards will again be bought in this land" (Jer. 32:15).

In the scriptures we discover a difference in the way the Hebrew mind viewed things compared to the way many Westerners relate to God. Hebrews used something called Block Logic. That is, concepts were expressed in self-contained units or blocks of thought. These blocks did not necessarily fit together in any obvious rational or harmonious pattern.

Greek logic, which has influenced the Western world, was different. The Greeks often used tightly contained step logic which reason a premise to a conclusion, each step linked tightly to the next in coherent, rational, logical fashion.

This is why some Bible stories don’t make sense to the western mind. It is particularly difficult for Westerners – those whose thought-patterns have been influenced more by the Greeks and Romans than by the Hebrews – to piece together the block logic of Scripture.

Consider Jeremiah and God’s instruction to purchase land in a seemingly inopportune time. If I asked you to purchase some land when you knew that the country you were living in was about to be invaded and you were sure to be placed under arrest, how wise do you believe such an investment would be? Do you believe God would lead you to make such an investment? That is exactly what God told Jeremiah to do. However, God had a good reason for having Jeremiah make such a purchase. It was to be a testimony and a promise that God was going to restore the Jews to their land.

Hebrews made decisions based on obedience. Greeks (and Westerners) often made decisions on logic and reason. If the early church made decisions based on a pro and con method of decision-making, there would be no miracles in the Bible. i.e., such as getting the coin from the fish’s mouth, walking around the walls of Jericho to take the city, Peter walking on water, etc.

We are not to question God’s instructions. We are simply to obey.

Wisdom personified

Wisdom personified
For reading & meditation: Proverbs 1:20-33
"But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm." (v.33) Before settling down to focus on our theme, which is the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, it will be helpful if we acquaint ourselves with some of the background material to the book – hence, these opening days will be more introductory than expository. You can’t get far into Proverbs before you begin to notice a peculiar thing – wisdom and its opposite, foolishness, are personified as women, Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly, each of whom attempts to persuade people to follow her ways. This personification of wisdom and folly is a literary device which the writer uses to add punch and power to his points. We use a similar form of expression when we personify natural laws and refer to them as "Mother Nature." For example, we may hear people say "Mother Nature is bringing out the spring flowers," or, "Mother Nature is doing her thing." It is a poetic and colorful way of referring to the principles and laws which guide and govern our universe. Notice how wisdom is personified in these words taken from the passage before us today: "Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares; at the head of the noisy streets she cries out, in the gateways of the city she makes her speech" (1:20-21). Later on in Proverbs you will see how similar language is used of Lady Folly. The purpose of this personification is to make the reader vividly aware that over and against the fatal attraction of folly, wisdom brings true delight. Wisdom is the soul’s true bride, true counselor and true hostess. Wisdom is good for us; it is what our personalities were designed for.

O Father, help me to grasp the truth that I am made for a certain way of living – Your way – and when I try to live against that way, then I am nothing but a fool. Make me wise, dear Lord, with the wisdom that comes from You. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen.

For further study:
Ecclesiastes 2; Job 28:28; Daniel 2:21
1. What is compared to light and darkness?
2. What does God grant to the man who pleases Him?

Tell the Senate Majority Leader: No More Compromises!

Tell Senator McConnell “Enough is Enough!”

“There are more than a few voters back home that are asking ‘what exactly is the difference between a Democratic and Republican majority when the exact same individual gets confirmed as Attorney General, promising the exact same lawlessness, what’s the difference?’”

ACTION: Copy-n-paste the pre-written letter below — and then click here to email Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. By doing so, you will express your disappointment with his leadership and demand that he take immediate action to safeguard Second Amendment rights. Also, GOA members should take note of a special message for them at the bottom of this alert.

Gun Owners Betrayed: Congress Needs a Wake-up Call Right Now

Not too long ago, the Pew Research Center released a major study showing how Americans feel about gun rights vs gun control. And the results are sending shockwaves through the liberal media:

* FIFTY-TWO percent of respondents see gun rights as more important than gun control, up from 45 percent!

* FIFTY-SEVEN percent of respondents said guns help prevent becoming a victim of crime, up from 48 percent!

Andrew Kohut, founding director of Pew Research Center, says that: “We are at a moment when most Americans believe crime rates are rising and when most believe gun ownership — not gun control — makes people safer.”

Of course, crime rates are not rising, but that belief, says Kohut, has pushed people toward the pro-gun position. Kohut notes that, “Republicans have become far more supportive of gun rights during the Obama years.”

It would be great to be a fly on the wall in the boardrooms of the anti-gun lobbies today … especially when it was reported that these gun control organizations “outspent groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) at a rate of 7 to 1” (courtesy Breitbart).

It demonstrates that American common sense has triumphed over the anti-gun lobby’s million dollar propaganda campaigns. Moreover, these pro-gun Americans aren’t just buying guns for “sporting purposes.” The shift in attitudes about firearms has been accompanied by dramatic increases in handgun sales and applications for concealed carry permits.

Sales data is showing that states like Pennsylvania, where there is a long history of buying rifles for hunting, have seen a dramatic increase in handgun sales, the type of weapon traditionally associated with self-defense.

With a majority of Americans recognizing the need for self-defense, both in and out of the home, this is the time for gun owners to demand that the new Republican-controlled Senate push hard for the passage of pro-gun bills that Harry Reid brushed aside when he was the Senate Majority Leader.

Unfortunately, the new Majority Leader seems to have forgotten what Party he represents and who it was that delivered the Senate to the Republicans. It was you and tens of millions of voting gun owners who got rid of the Democrat majority in the Senate so that, finally, both chambers of Congress could unite and get to work undoing all the problems our anti-gun, anti-American President has created.

Instead, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stabbed gun owners in the back when he pressured the new Republican-controlled Senate to confirm the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, even though Lynch had already stated, for the record, her anti-gun views!

Lynch, feeling invulnerable, had even admitted she favors an “assault weapons ban,” making her “Eric Holder in a skirt.”

If McConnell had tried, he could have killed her nomination. He could have continued to allow the filibuster which had successfully prevented her nomination from being voted on for several weeks. Instead, he handed Obama another anti-gun Attorney General to wage war on our freedoms.

As Sen. McConnell was getting ready to betray gun owners, Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz tried to shame the Majority Leader into doing the right thing on the Senate floor, saying that there are “more than a few voters back home that are asking ‘what exactly is the difference between a Democratic and Republican majority …’”

Senator Cruz makes a good point!

Enough is enough! A majority of all Americans are pro-gun. Not just for sporting purposes but to protect ourselves and our loved ones. And that means semi-autos with standard capacity magazines. And it means the right to carry concealed!

We have to remind McConnell that (a) he owes his leadership to gun owners; (b) we feel betrayed by his actions by allowing the nomination of another, anti-gun Attorney General; and (c) he needs to make amends by passing the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015, S.498.

And we want it done NOW, which means S. 498 must be added as an amendment to the next “must pass” bill moving through the Senate. Anything less is unacceptable.

ACTION: Copy-n-paste the text below and then click here to email Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Excoriate him for pushing through Loretta Lynch and urge him to attach S. 498, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015, to a “must pass” bill.

Special Message to GOA Members: In a recent mailing to you, the company which prints our postcards inadvertently left out the ones for Senator Mitch McConnell. So please use the pre-written text below as your opportunity to contact him. Thank you!

Special Message to NON-GOA Members: You can sign up here to receive special GOA mailings with a contribution of $20 (for a year).

—– Pre-written letter to Senator Mitch McConnell —–

Dear Senator McConnell:

This was the moment. With both chambers finally under the control of the Republican Party, this was your opportunity to defend America’s gun rights. Instead, you permitted an unabashed anti-gun nominee to become U.S. Attorney General.

It was gun owners who helped enable Republicans to win the Senate. Without them, you would still be the Minority leader. You can still show your solidarity with those 57% of all Americans who, according to the latest Pew Research poll, believe that gun ownership, not gun control, makes people safer.

S. 498, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015, needs to be attached to a “must pass” bill so as to coincide with the passage of the House matching bill, H.R. 923. Show us that there really is a difference between a Republican and a Democrat majority!