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Media BiASSED: Assholes….

Networks Compliment ‘Pleasant’ Hillary Clinton, Trash ‘Condescending,’ ‘Rude’ Donald Trump

With little time left between the conclusion of Monday’s presidential debate and the late local newscasts, ABC, CBS, and NBC used the roughly 20 minutes before 11:00 p.m. Eastern to offer emotions ranging from complimenting Hillary Clinton as “pleasant” and hitting Donald Trump as “condescending” and “rude” to even wondering why Clinton’s e-mails were barely mentioned.

Liberal Lester Holt and Hillary Tag Team Trump; E-Mails Barely Mentioned

Debate moderator Lester Holt repeatedly challenged Donald Trump during Monday night’s highly anticipated debate, but refrained from going after Hillary Clinton in the same aggressive manner. Holt also minimized the Democrat’s e-mail scandal. It was only brought up because Trump did so.

Hillary Clinton Demands Her Media Friends as ‘Fact-Checkers’ to ‘Get to Work’ on Trump

Editor’s Note, 10:33 p.m. Eastern: This post has been updated to include a second reference by Clinton for help from “fact-checkers.” –> On at least two occasions during Monday’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee was tangling with Trump on her inability to produce any tangible results on fighting ISIS and foreign interventions when Clinton implored her friends in the liberal media and especially “the fact-checkers” to “get to work” on Trump.

Chris Matthews: ‘Brilliant’ Hillary Clinton Hit a ‘Home Run’; It’s ‘Over’

Liberal cheerleader Chris Matthews could barely contain his excitement, Monday, spinning “brilliant” Hillary Clinton’s debate performance as a “home run” and declaring the race to be “over.” Matthews resorted to movie references, declaring, “I was watching A Few Good Men and she was Tom Cruise and he was Jack Nicholson. It was not close. It was over tonight.”

Van Jones Praises Hillary Clinton as ‘the Michael Jordan of Policy’

With the first 2016 presidential debate just minutes away on Monday, the pro-Hillary Clinton panelists on CNN’s Debate Night in America were firing on all cylinders. “It is very, very difficult to become a master of a single policy area,” stated CNN contributor Van Jones, “She is the Michael Jordan of policy in multiple, multiple areas and we almost treat it like it’s a bad thing.”

CNN Spends the First 30 Minutes After Debate Critiquing Trump’s Performance

Within mere seconds of the first 2016 presidential debate ending Monday night, CNN’s post-debate analysis was dedicated to critiquing Donald Trump’s performance. The first round of critiques came from Jake Tapper who stated he felt that the first 30 minutes went well for Trump, while the following hour was dominated by Hillary Clinton. His colleagues Wolf Blitzer and John King agreed with both noting Trump took Clinton’s bait often and his many lies, respectively.

Trump Campaign Manager Calls Out Clinton Campaign for ‘Gaming the Refs’ Ahead of Debate

On Monday’s Today, co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie conducted back-to-back interviews with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook and Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. While Mook was treated to softballs about Clinton’s strategy, Conway was hammered on Trump being an “aggressor” who likes to “hurl insults.”

Minnesota’s 12-Month Change in Unemployment Rate is 5th Worst in US ….

But Minnesota’s DFL will push for bonding bills to build/repair roads and claim they are creating jobs…Roads for people to drive around looking for jobs on.

Minnesota’s unemployment rate has changed by the 5th worst margin in the United States in the past year, and has also increased faster than the Midwest.

Source: Minnesota’s 12-Month Change in Unemployment Rate is 5th Worst in US – Alpha News

Adversity: Catalyst to a Call

Adversity: Catalyst to a Call

September 27

"Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing. So they led him by the hand into Damascus. For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything" (Acts 9:8-9).

It’s hard to find anyone in Christian history who became a great leader without earning an advanced degree in adversity.

To look at John Wesley (1703- 1791), you wouldn’t have thought of him as a great Christian leader. He was just over five feet tall and skeletally thin. In his early years, he suffered greatly from feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and a morbid fear of death. Though he didn’t understand the Christian gospel, he devoted himself to doing good works for the poor in an effort to earn his way to heaven. While in his early thirties, he sailed to America to do missionary work among the American Indians.

While crossing the Atlantic, Wesley’s ship passed through a violent storm that broke the main mast off its base and nearly sank the ship. As the waves crashed over the ship, Wesley huddled in terror, knowing he didn’t have peace with God. He survived the storm, and continued to struggle in his relationship with God for several more years.

Finally, back in London, he attended a meeting on Aldersgate Street, where he heard a preacher say that salvation comes by faith in Christ alone. At that point, he said, "I felt my heart strangely warmed."

Soon after that, Wesley began preaching the gospel. His fifty-two-year preaching ministry became the foundation of the modern evangelical movement. But it never would have happened if John Wesley had not been tossed on the stormy seas of adversity.

Adversity is often God’s manure for spiritual callings.

Are Christians Exempt?

Are Christians Exempt?
For reading & meditation – Matthew 5:38-48
""… He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."" (v. 45) We are meditating on the theme, ""Strong at the broken places,"" and we are discovering that although life deals blows to us all, those who meet life with the right responses and the right inner attitudes are those who turn their weaknesses into strengths. I know some Christians who believe that they ought to be exempt from the cruel blows of life. A young man who was stunned after failing his examination said, ""I cannot understand. I prayed very hard before the examination, and I lived an exemplary life for the Lord. Why, oh why, should He fail me at this important moment?"" Later he confessed to a friend, ""As a result of God letting me down, my faith in Him has been shattered."" I can sympathize with the young man’s feelings, of course, but I cannot agree with his conclusions. Suppose prayer alone could enable us to pass examinations – what would happen? Prior to examination time, classrooms would be deserted, and everyone would flock to the churches for prayer and meditation. Not a bad situation, you might think. But what would happen to the minds of young people if prayer alone brought success? They would become blunted by lack of study. I suspect the young man I have just referred to was depending more on prayer than on diligent and painstaking study. Now prayer and study make a good combination, but prayer without study never helped anyone pass an examination. Christians are not exempt from the natural laws that govern the universe. We may through prayer be able to overcome them, but we are not able to avoid them.

Father, thank You for reminding me that even though I am a Christian, I am still governed by natural laws that apply equally to everyone. I cannot be exempt, but through You I can overcome. I am so grateful. Amen.

For Further Study
James 2:14-26; 1 Timothy 4:9-16; 2 Timothy 2:15
1. What is James teaching us?

2. How does Paul apply this to Timothy?