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The Black Hole

The Black Hole

March 26

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

On February 20, 1962, at 9:47 A.M., the spacecraft Friendship 7 rose on a pillar of fire, piloted by lone astronaut John Glenn. Leaving the coast of Florida far behind, the space capsule orbited the earth three times, traveling 81,000 miles in less than four hours. As the craft began its descent from space, mission controllers in Houston received a warning signal. A sensor indicated that the capsule’s heat shield was in danger of detaching. If the heat shield came loose during reentry, the capsule would burn like a meteor–and John Glenn would die.

Because radio waves cannot penetrate plasma, the spacecraft experienced a total communications blackout–what astronauts and mission controllers call a “black hole”.

The minutes crawled by and the suspense mounted in the Houston control room. NASA engineers felt totally helpless. Finally, after five minutes of silence, mission controllers heard Glenn’s voice crackling over the radio: “Friendship 7 to Houston?”

Shouts of joy shook the control room. John Glenn was coming home. Although neither Glenn nor the mission controllers knew it at the time, the heat shield was absolutely firm and reliable. The fears for John Glenn’s safety during his black hole experience were unfounded.

If you’ve ever been through a major crisis, you probably know what a communications “black hole” feels like. While you are in the pit of adversity, you feel that your world is collapsing, that your life is out of control–and that God is silent. The silence of a black hole is deafening. You feel isolated and alone. You question God’s love, His care for you, and even His existence.

But even when it seems that God is distant and silent, your “heat shield” is still there, firm and reliable. In your black hole experience, God is teaching you to go deeper into your relationship with Him. You may think that your life is out of control and burning like a meteor, but in reality God, your heat shield, still protects you from the fiery forces that surround you.

Choose to Forgive

March 26
Choose to Forgive 
Proverbs 17
“He who covers over an offense promotes love …” (v. 9)

Jesus gives us stern and uncompromising warnings about forgiveness. But if forgiveness is so important and yet so difficult, how do we go about it? We must do several things. First, we must not try to minimize or dismiss the offense as if it never happened. If it hurts, then we must face it and feel it. A common misconception that keeps people from forgiving is that they think in order to forgive they must come to the place where they look upon the things done to them as being really not that bad. That is excusing, not forgiving. C. S. Lewis says: “Real forgiveness means looking steadily at the sin, the sin that is left over without any excuse after all allowances have been made, and seeing it in all its horror, dirt, meanness and malice, and nevertheless being wholly reconciled to the man who has done it. That, and only that, is forgiveness.” Second, we must see that forgiveness is not an emotional thing (though it can affect the emotions), but a matter of the will. It is making the decision that the wrong done against you will not count or cause a separation. In making that decision, remember you have all the resources of God available to you. This applies not just to minor matters like snubs, but major matters like divorce. The task of forgiving must be more than a match for the magnitude of the pain involved. Our text today makes clear that a choice is involved. No matter how we are wronged, we can choose out of a desire for love to forgive.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, You looked into the eyes of those who hammered You to a cross and cried: “Father, forgive them.” Help me do the same when I am confronted with lesser injury or hurt. For Your own dear Name’s sake. Amen.
For Further Study
1. What does God delight to do?
2. What are we to love?

T minus 2 Days ..

And I get this installed….

Thats my new hip.

Looking forward to it, yes and no..

A bit apprehensive, but looking forward to pain free living with no limp…(My supervisor and co-workers have become over protective of me and Lawd help me if she sees me lifting anything, which I do cause thats how I am, or she sees me lifting and one of my able bodied 30 something co-instructors standing there watching…She lets them have an earful!!)

Pain which I have been dealing with for way to long..

Not looking forward to the process…Nor the hassle it is going to cause my Most Dearest as insurance dictates I have procedure done at Hospital I am employed at and it is a 50 mile drive, into the Metro…

She does not like driving in the metro…

But our eldest is coming home today and although he likes driving about as much as she does, they’ll manage together..

Yesterday Hospital called with times..

Have to be there at O’Dark early…6:00 am..