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T minus 2 Days ..

And I get this installed….

Thats my new hip.

Looking forward to it, yes and no..

A bit apprehensive, but looking forward to pain free living with no limp…(My supervisor and co-workers have become over protective of me and Lawd help me if she sees me lifting anything, which I do cause thats how I am, or she sees me lifting and one of my able bodied 30 something co-instructors standing there watching…She lets them have an earful!!)

Pain which I have been dealing with for way to long..

Not looking forward to the process…Nor the hassle it is going to cause my Most Dearest as insurance dictates I have procedure done at Hospital I am employed at and it is a 50 mile drive, into the Metro…

She does not like driving in the metro…

But our eldest is coming home today and although he likes driving about as much as she does, they’ll manage together..

Yesterday Hospital called with times..

Have to be there at O’Dark early…6:00 am..




Thinking Big

Thinking Big

March 25

“For nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:36-37).

It was 4:00 A.M. in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2000 when businessman Graham Power was awakened by a vision from God that came in three distinct parts. In the first part of the vision, God instructed Graham to rent the 45,000-seat Newlands rugby stadium in Cape Town for a day of repentance and prayer for that city. In the second part of the vision, he saw the prayer movement spreading to the rest of South Africa for a national day of prayer. In the final part of the vision, he saw the prayer effort spread to cover the rest of the continent.

It was only thirty days earlier that a man named Gunnar Olson stood in front of a podium at the conclusion of a marketplace conference in Johannesburg, South Africa and proclaimed Isaiah 60 which said to “Arise and shine” over the continent of Africa and that God was going to use Africa to bless the nations.

Graham was obedient to the vision, and on March 21, 2001, a capacity crowd gathered in the Newlands rugby stadium for prayer and repentance. Soon after, a notorious gangster in the city was saved. News of the first gathering spread quickly, and in 2002, eight cities in South Africa hosted a day of prayer. Leading up to the event, young people from all over the country took part in a “walk of hope” from Bloemfontein to the eight stadiums where the prayer meetings were to be held. The events were broadcast on television.

By June 2006, what began as Transformation Africa became the Global Day of Prayer with participation from 200 nations from seven continents around the world. And this prayer movement is still growing.

It all started from the obedience of one businessman. What might God want to do through your life? It begins with being obedient to the small things and exercising your faith to believe God can do it. Our part is obedience. His part is outcome.

Framework for generosity

March 25

Framework for generosity
For reading & meditation –Proverbs 11
“The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight.” (v.1) 

How do we go about establishing a framework for generosity? First – decide that nothing you possess is your own but that everything you have belongs to God. This puts God in His place and you in yours. You are now ready to manage His possessions, not as you like but as He likes. This is real freedom. It gives you a sense of accountability to another – God. You get your life orders not from a whim, a notion, self-impulse or whatever takes your fancy, but from the One who saved you and redeemed you. Second – go over your life and see what belongs to your needs and what merely belongs to your wants. Your needs are important – God has promised to supply them – but your wants? Ah, that is another thing. You need as much as will make you fit – spiritually, physically and mentally – for the purposes of God while you are here on the earth. Beyond that, what you have belongs to the needs of others. How do you decide what belongs to your needs? No one can decide it for you – though they can make suggestions – for you are accountable to God. Go over your life item by item and ask Him for directions. Your family should figure prominently in your concerns, but you must check everything with the Lord. Third – fix it as an axiom in your mind that you will be generous to people, not for the good feelings that generosity brings, but because you are determined to bless them in some way. You must never be generous in order to get a blessing – you must be generous to be a blessing.
Father, I am thankful that the basis of my life is fixed in You and from that I am able to build a framework for generosity. From now on help me to give with all the stops out. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.
For Further Study
1. What was the principle in the early Church?
2. What words of Jesus did Paul recall?