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Kingdom Economics

Kingdom Economics

March 28

"So I gave you a land on which you did not toil and cities you did not build; and you live in them and eat from vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant" (Josh 24:13).

In the world of business we are taught to do whatever it takes to produce a desired outcome. Competitive forces can drive companies to go beyond the limits of ethics and integrity to achieve a desired outcome. Men and women can become work-a-holics as the need for competitive advantage is passed down the various management levels in order to meet sales and marketing goals. This sweat and toil mentality contradicts God’s Kingdom Economy.

The Kingdom Economy is found in the above verse in Joshua. When the people of Israel were coming out of Egypt, a place of sweat and toil and slavery, God was trying to teach them a new economy of receiving. Instead of sweat and toil, He wanted them to learn obedience. Now their income would be based on their obedience, not their skill or their sweat and toil.

This new Kingdom Economy meant that there would be times when what you receive from your efforts might be less than the commensurate time invested. Yet, there would also be times when you would receive more compared to your time invested.

I used to determine whether I would meet with a person based on my perceived return on that investment. I justified that behavior as being a good steward. God says we are to determine if He wants us to meet with that person or be involved with an endeavor based on His leading alone, not based on the perceived outcome. It is His responsibility to bring fruit from the activity.

This will result in a new freedom in your work life. Stay vertical with God and let Him determine your next activity.

Not on Approval

Not on Approval
Psalms 19"The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul." (v. 7) We live in an age which is increasingly contemptuous of laws and moral prohibitions. Not only the moral teaching of the Sermon on the Mount but the Ten Commandments also are mocked with impunity by millions of people. Sadly, with some exceptions, there seems to be little remorse at what is happening. We Christians must be careful that this attitude does not rub off on us too. We must resist the spirit of the age and refrain from bending the rules, or rationalizing moral or ethical issues, because it suits us to do so. A curious thing happened in a London court some time ago. A man was summoned before the magistrates for not having a television license. He claimed the TV set was not his and that he had received it from a dealer only "on approval." Until he decided to buy it, he said, he did not feel under an obligation to take out a license. He argued that because of that he was not breaking the law. The magistrate decided to fine him a certain sum and stated: "The law knows nothing about ‘approval.’ The law is to be obeyed. Pay the fine!" In some minds today, it would seem, the law is binding upon you only if you approve of it. The reasoning appears to be this: if the law is not to your taste, it ceases to have authority over you. Christians should never hold such a view. God did not give us His commands for our approval. He gave them to us to be obeyed.

Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and my Redeemer, like Peter, when I take my eyes off You I am in danger of sinking — into the moral morass of the day. Help me keep my eyes always on You. Then I shall see clearly the ethical issues of the passing hour. Amen.

For Further Study
John 14; Romans 5:19
1. What was Jesus able to say?
2. What did He say was the result?

So…..Tough One..

Long day..

Not tracking really well. Lots on my mind..

Took eldest son to see Neurologist today, to find out the results of EEG he had recently.

Diagnosis….Epilepsy…Generalized Epilepsy as the MD described it..

He took it well, as did his Mom,  me not so well. He was concerned about a tumor, even though his MRI was clear, that was his fear..

He has 3-4 second seizures, Absence seizures. Never really knew it. Until the day after Christmas when he had one in front of me..

MD says it probably has been going on all his life and years ago when we suspected a problem…

He was stuck with the ADHD label.

Screwed him over in school with that label…Caused lots of problems between us and the school system…


He now has a medication and the MD was very reassuring that this is treatable and we should see a big change…

I am rambling now…

Going to go make a list of past doctors and teachers I want to meet in a dark alley sometime…

Would not go well for them and I am going to have to forgive them…

But I am not a good Christian…I carry a grudge like nobodies business and I know I shouldn’t..