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Media BiASSED!!!!

MSNBC Praises Violent Protesters as ‘Expressing Their Humanity;’ ‘Accomplished Their Goal’

Outside a New Mexico Trump rally Tuesday night, protesters became violent, throwing rocks, smashing doors, jumping on cop cars and setting Trump flags on fire. An NBC reporter was even knocked down off camera as he reported on the scene. Yet his colleagues at sister network MSNBC were less than shocked by the protesters actions, in fact they seemed congratulatory, praising them for their actions and rationalizing their violence.

Nets Rush to Defend Clintons Against Trump’s ‘Discredited’ Attacks

On Tuesday, all three network morning shows denounced Donald Trump’s campaign ad going after Bill Clinton’s treatment of women as a “another low” in the presidential race and parroted Hillary Clinton’s campaign talking points dismissing numerous sex abuse allegations against her husband as “old” and “discredited.” On NBC’s Today, Matt Lauer warned the campaign was “getting even nastier.”

ABC: Women Will Be ‘Upset’ With Trump’s Attacks on Clinton’s Affairs

Journalist and Hillary Clinton fan Cokie Roberts on Tuesday insisted that women will be “upset” if Donald Trump continues to highlight Bill Clinton’s past affairs and mistreatment of women. Talking to former Clinton operative turned Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos, Roberts huffed, “Women will be very upset if they think that another woman is being blamed for her husband’s infidelities.”

CNN’s Baldwin Complains: ‘We’re Not Airing’ Clinton’s ‘Dirty Laundry Here’

During Tuesday’s primary coverage on CNN, Brooke Baldwin silenced a conservative pundit after she brought up Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults against women. Baldwin touted that Clinton was a victim, and visibly appeared disgusted after guest Kellynne Conway brought up Bill Clinton history with women. Finally, Baldwin shushed Conway and wouldn’t let her finish her point, saying, “We’re not airing all this dirty laundry here. I can’t believe we’re going there.”

The View Hammers Sanders: Stop Attacking Clinton, Start Defending Her From Trump!

For some reason, Bernie Sanders agreed to appear on The View Tuesday morning, after already facing hostile questions from the panel in previous interviews. He was in for another confrontational conversation, where each host grilled him on why he hadn’t dropped out of the race already. Clinton defender Joy Behar pressured Sanders to stop attacking Clinton and start defending her against Trump instead.

NBC Demands Sanders Pledge Loyalty to Hillary and Democrats

In a contentious interview with Bernie Sanders aired on Tuesday’s NBC Today, correspondent Kristen Welker demanded the socialist senator pledge to support Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party: “Would you pledge to Democrats that you’re gonna campaign for Secretary Clinton?…Do you feel a sense of loyalty to the Democratic Party? What would you say to Democrats who have that question?”

ABC, CBS Fail to Cover Investigation of Dem VA Governor; MSNBC Spins It as Positive for Obama

After a network blackout on Monday night of news the FBI has been investigating Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for possible illegal campaign donations, ABC and CBS kept the streak alive on Tuesday morning as Good Morning America and CBS This Morning made no mention of the probe. In contrast, NBC’s Today provided a full report from Justice correspondent Pete Williams.

After Outrage Over Bias, Facebook Changes Trending Topics

After a firestorm of outrage over liberal bias, Facebook announced on Tuesday that it would change how trending news topics appeared on its social media site. According to Bloomberg, “The company said it will no longer require stories to appear on sites considered news leaders, including the New York Times and Buzzfeed, as that requirement could lead to bias.”