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Good Guy With a Gun…

Wonder how the anti gun/freedom left will spin this?

As they constantly babble no good guys ever stop shooting..

The Left’s ignorance is astounding…

He was shot by a citizen also carrying a handgun as he tried to run away from the scene.

via One dead and more injured in mass shooting at Oklahoma City restaurant  | Daily Mail Online



There has been an assumption that the right to bear arms is a God-given right. Lately several people have asserted that there is no such right. Is this a tenable position for one in the Judeo-Christian tradition? Obviously, for one who does not believe in God there can be no God-given rights. For those outside the Judeo-Christian tradition I cannot presume to speak. But for those within the Judeo-Christian tradition there are some considerations which, I believe, lead us to the position that God has, indeed, given us the right to own firearms.

via Guest post; Is there a God-given right to own guns? : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

Culture, Not Guns, Is At The Root Of Our Mass Shootings Increase…..

Before the 1960s there were almost no mass shooting incidents in the United States, but the trend has increased ever since then. Why? The number of homicides has decreased and the number of households that have guns has also dropped significantly. There must be another cause — maybe the continual focus on the tool used by these killers is less important than the emotional imbalance that leads them to pull the trigger.

A major change since the 1960s has been the rise in liberal social policies and the destruction of the time-honored values that lead to societal success and stability. The most glaring example is the massive decline in two-parent households. From 1960-2014 the percentage of children living in a home with two parents and no divorces dropped from 73 percent to 46 percent. That number is stunningly lower for black children now at 22 percent.

via Culture, Not Guns, Is At The Root Of Our Mass Shootings Increase