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Thinking Big

Thinking Big

March 25

"For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:36-37).

It was 4:00 A.M. in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2000 when businessman Graham Power was awakened by a vision from God that came in three distinct parts. In the first part of the vision, God instructed Graham to rent the 45,000-seat Newlands rugby stadium in Cape Town for a day of repentance and prayer for that city. In the second part of the vision, he saw the prayer movement spreading to the rest of South Africa for a national day of prayer. In the final part of the vision, he saw the prayer effort spread to cover the rest of the continent.

It was only thirty days earlier that a man named Gunnar Olson stood in front of a podium at the conclusion of a marketplace conference in Johannesburg, South Africa and proclaimed Isaiah 60 which said to "Arise and shine" over the continent of Africa and that God was going to use Africa to bless the nations.

Graham was obedient to the vision, and on March 21, 2001, a capacity crowd gathered in the Newlands rugby stadium for prayer and repentance. Soon after, a notorious gangster in the city was saved. News of the first gathering spread quickly, and in 2002, eight cities in South Africa hosted a day of prayer. Leading up to the event, young people from all over the country took part in a "walk of hope" from Bloemfontein to the eight stadiums where the prayer meetings were to be held. The events were broadcast on television.

By June 2006, what began as Transformation Africa became the Global Day of Prayer with participation from 200 nations from seven continents around the world. And this prayer movement is still growing.

It all started from the obedience of one businessman. What might God want to do through your life? It begins with being obedient to the small things and exercising your faith to believe God can do it. Our part is obedience. His part is outcome.


Stop Reid & Feinstein’s Palace Coup To Overthrow The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Stop Reid & Feinstein’s Palace Coup To Overthrow
The Constitution and Bill of Rights

DON’T BE FOOLED Feinstein’s Gun Ban S. 150 is not DEAD.
It was stopped at the front door, but the back door is WIDE OPEN.
FAX Congress to BLOCK ALL Gun-Control and Gun-Registration Legislation

Notice in the video how Senator Feinstein takes issue with Senator Cruz when he refers to her “ban” of certain weapons. Even though she titles her bill the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013,” she insists it doesn’t really “ban” weapons; it exempts specified weapons from Second Amendment protections. In other words, her bill strips away Second Amendment protections from applying to weapons not granted a specific exemption in her bill. Here’s the bottom line: Senator Feinstein and her crony co-sponsor Senator Dick Durbin believe Congress has the power to limit Bill-of-Rights guarantees by exempting certain people, places, acts and things from constitutional provisions, such as the inalienable right to own and bear arms. Make no mistake; this legislation is nothing short of a constitutional coup de grace.

Senator Feinstein wails that her bill would permit, mind you PERMIT, 2,271 guns to remain protected by the Second Amendment, so it isn’t a “ban” at all—it is congressional PERMISSION to own certain guns, an indulgence granted by the almighty Congress. This turns the Constitution on its head and makes a mockery of the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights doesn’t PERMIT people anything; it PROHIBITS governments from doing certain things that limit people’s freedom to behave anyway they see fit. It is the Bill of RIGHTS, not the Bill of PRIVILEGES, not a Bill of PERMISSIONS.

Senator Feinstein, are you smarter than a sixth grader? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t say such stupid things about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Stop Reid & Feinstein’s Palace Coup To Overthrow
The Constitution and Bill of Rights

What will be the practical consequences of enacting S. 51 and selectively ignoring the Second Amendment? PRECRIME—a complete reversal of the ancient rights of Englishmen and Americans where the people are guaranteed there will be no detention without charge of a crime; no charge of a crime without probable cause; no conviction of a crime without a trial; no trial without a jury; no conviction without proof beyond a reasonable doubt; no punishment without conviction; no cruel and unusual punishment and no excessive punishment disproportionate to the crime.

The smoking gun that the Feinstein weapons ban bill is the precursor to PRECRIME is that fact that she refused to expand the bill (S.150) to exempt military veterans because they might be “mentally incapacitated.” She would turn “veteran” into a suspect class of likely criminals thus “exempt” from, which is to say make them ineligible for Second-Amendment guarantees. But the “exemptions” from constitutional rights in Queenie Feinstein’s Wonderland don’t stop there.

Consider how under the Patriot Act the government already decides whether any random person might be a terrorist and thus subject to dodgy anti-terrorist PRECRIME actions, which Senator Feinstein’s weapons-ban bill would only exacerbate. The ACLU reports that the law treats a person as a domestic terrorist if they engage in any “act dangerous to human life” that “appears to be intended to (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.”

As Senator Rand Paul said when the National Defense Authorization Act was passed last year expanding PRECRIME powers for “suspected terrorists,” the government now claims under the color of law the power to “arrest suspects without a warrant, hold them without trial, deny them access to counsel or admission of bail,” and as a result, “We have shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity.”

The Feinstein gun-ban bill is another stab in the heart of the Constitution, a mortal blow to the Bill of Rights.

Florida. No UN! Activist Judge! Gun Stuff! Bloomberg! Manpig! Illegals!

“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” —John Adams


Bad guns!! Err no! Good guns!!

They get one right!!

Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty

Posted on March 23, 2013 by Nick Leghorn The Hill is reporting that the U.S. Senate voted on and passed an amendment to the budget bill that would keep the U.S. from signing onto the UN arms trade treaty. Many have been concerned that the treaty, which does not differentiate between military and civilian firearms, would be used as a back door to enact sweeping gun control regulations in the United States. With the passage of this amendment (by a vote of 53 – 46) it signifies that ratifying such a treaty would be impossible with the current Senate. A Democrat also offered an amendment that clarifies that the U.S. constitution trumps all treaties, which was passed as well.


More fail. Activist LIEberal Judge rules against America’s History..

Minnesota judge OKs new social studies standards



In Colorado..

Hickenlooper draws return fire

In Washington..

Nanny Bloomberg vs the NRA..

Bloomberg, NRA Prepare for Senate Showdown

Rich capitalist, fat ManPig Moore spews his crap again!

Wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore: Most guns owned by ‘scared’ white people


This would work..Except here…The leftists asshats would have a meltdown..

Dallas Takes Novel Approach Against Illegals


Threat! Dumbass!! Strange. Gun Free? FreeMarket! The Doc! Agenda 21! Real Men.

1958 – Elvis Presley is officially inducted into the U.S.Army. A kinder, more sane time, when stars served their country instead of using stardom as a podium to preach its downfall.


Retired Army Capt.: DHS Announcing a ‘Bold Threat of War’ Against US Citizens

Excerpt. Make sure you go read all of it!!

Dear Senator Cornyn,

It is with gravest concern that I write to you today concerning the recent appropriation of weapons by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that can only be understood as a bold threat of war by that agency, and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America.  To date, DHS has been unwilling to provide to you, the elected representatives of the People, justification for recent purchases of almost 3,000 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) armored personnel carriers, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (with associated weapons), and other weapons systems, when, in fact, the DHS has no war mission or war making authority within the limits of the United States of America.


Jim Carrey..Jim Carrey…Damn that name is vaguely familiar..

Oh yeah Dumbass and Stupidshit!! No that is not it…

Oh well..

He is a frigging celeb whom has done what? Other then seek attention..pointless waste of Oxygen..

Jim Carrey on Gun Control Opponents: ‘Heartless Motherf%ckers Unwilling 2 Bend 4 the Safety of Our Kids’



Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide


Gun free!!

Or not!

Gun Free Chicago Ranks Last in Gun Law Enforcement


A Short, Simple Argument for Free Market Health Care

By Chris Bacavis on Mar 24, 2013 08:58 am

For the sake of clarity, I think it’s worth looking at an example of a libertarian-type argument in favor of free market health care. Here’s one argument I’ve put together, broken down as two propositions and a conclusion: Proposition 1: The aim of all for-profit health care providers is to make a profit. Proposition 2: In a …read more



The Doctor, and your Guns


Agenda 21 Course

Strategies that Will Help You Stop Agenda 21 from Destroying our Representative Republic



Real Men Don’t Rape

Excerpt. Make sure you go read it all!!

In a society where fathers have been sidelined in favor of the state and innocent lives are reduced to an inconvenience, is it any wonder there would be those who don’t place any value on the lives of their fellow man? Far too many young men grow up with no guidance, no example of what a man should be. They never become men. They become overgrown boys without direction.


The Government is a Corporation


Individuals have rights granted to them by their Creator. Governments, on the other hand are the artificial entities created by the people. Governments are like corporations, and derive their power and authority from their creators. Our government is an agent of the people and was created by the people their God given rights. The government was created by the consent of the governed and the people have a right to withdraw their consent when the government assumes powers that were not delegated to them in the Constitution. A government that is unrestrained will inevitably abuse its power and become tyrannical. Only by strict adherence to the Constitution can this outcome be prevented.

Corporations are governed by a charter known as the Articles of Incorporation and governments receive their delegated powers from the people in a document known as the Constitution. The authority of a corporation or a government is limited to powers delegated to them by the people. All powers not delegated to the United States government are reserved to the states and to the people.

When a government created to secure the life, liberty and property of the people exceeds its lawful authority and becomes tyrannical it is the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish that government.

Visit The Constitution Club at:

Mourning for Your City

Mourning for Your City

March 24

"When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven" (Neh 1:4).

Nehemiah lived in the world of politics. He was a high ranking worker in the government of Babylon. His official title was cupbearer for King Artaxerxes. He would be considered the modern-day U.S. Secret Service agent who made sure the King was safe from being poisoned.

Judah had been driven into exile and some of his friends had just returned with news about his fellow brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.

In the month of Kislev in the twentieth year, while I was in the citadel of Susa, 2 Hanani, one of my brothers, came from Judah with some other men, and I questioned them about the Jewish remnant that survived the exile, and also about Jerusalem. They said to me, "Those who survived the exile and are back in the province are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire" (Neh 1:1-3).

Nehemiah’s response upon hearing the news is the kind of response that is necessary for a Christian leader to impact his or her city. He responded by weeping for the condition of his beloved city. He immediately went into prayer and asked for God’s direction on how he could be a positive impact on his city. He developed a strategy to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. He accomplished the task in only fifty-two days.

Do you weep for your city? God is calling forth men and women from the marketplace today to be catalyst to impact their cities. Begin today to pray for your city and ask God how you can be a catalyst to rebuild the spiritual wall of your city.

Background Checks. Benghazi? Retire! How Old? Parking! The Devil!

Thanks for standing up for…The criminals of the world!! AssO!!!

How about we start doing background checks on you and the rest of the crook, thugs, perverts and whatnot in Washington?

Reid to Include Background Checks in Gun Control Bill


Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?

Yes. Really now where are there? Another Gitmo somewhere?


Well now what did you expect Buck Ofama?

Report: More Doctors Plan to Retire Early



 You are 20347 days old.
Which is 2906 weeks and 5 days.

That’s 55 years and 258 days, including 14 leap years*,
or 55 years, 36 weeks and 6 days.

In other words, that’s 669 months.
Therefore, you are 55.7 years old.

You were born on a Tuesday, your last birthday was a Monday
and your next one will be on a Tuesday.

Here ya go to find out for yourself!!


And this is not a problem..

Nothing downtown here worth going to..

Town sucks..Oh wait I still have to live here…Well still sucks…


The Devil in Buck Ofama!!