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A Book

A printed book???
With paper and ink?
Old Man’s War
By John Scalzi
After all the eReader books.
Is a bit unique.
Kind of old school.
But I like it.


Rioting, burning, looting, murdering any and all Ambassadors to be found..Hey maybe the United Nations should get sacked? Kind of a pointless place anyways..

America's Watchtower

  On Wednesday the Department of Injustice released its long awaited (and late) report on Fast and Furious and predictably the report found that Eric Holder didn’t have a clue about the deadly operation. Fourteen people were named in the investigation as being responsible and two of them have resigned. Even if we take this report at face value and concede the point that Eric Holder in fact didn’t know, it still seems like his cluelessness about what was going on by so many members of his department should be grounds for dismissal.

  But on to today’s topic:

  I have been of the belief for quite some time that not only did Eric Holder know of and approve of Fast and Furious, but so did Barack Obama. Top aides in the Obama White House were in communication with ATF officials and were receiving updates about Fast and Furious, it is totally unbelievable…

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The Muslims are not happy!

The Muslims are not happy!

They’re not happy in Gaza ..

They’re not happy in Egypt ..

They’re not happy in Libya ..

They’re not happy in Morocco ..

They’re not happy in Iran ..

They’re not happy in Iraq ..

They’re not happy in Yemen ..

They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..

They’re not happy in Pakistan ..

They’re not happy in Syria ..

They’re not happy in Lebanon ..

So, where are they happy?

They’re happy in Australia .

They’re happy in Canada.

They’re happy in England ..

They’re happy in France ..

They’re happy in Italy ..

They’re happy in Germany ..

They’re happy in Sweden ..

They’re happy in the USA ..

They’re happy in Norway ..

They’re happy in Holland .

They’re happy in Denmark .

Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!

And who do they blame?

Not Islam.

Not their leadership.

Not themselves.



They want to change those countries to be like….


Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…

How damn dumb can you get?

Bullies need a good ass whipping..

Belle Plaine family fears after bully moves to victim’s school

This is bull.

My son was bullied on the bus in Middle School..

I called the Bus Company and the School.

Told them to make it stop or I would be at the school my son was dropped at and deal with it.

They told me they would have to call the cops if I did.

I said fine, I work with them, as a medic they liked what I did for them, we will have a nice chat about this.

It ended that day with the culprits removed and never allowed to ride the bus again.

Dammit sometimes you just have to do something someone won’t like..

Eff em






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