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Best C.P.R. Song There Is..

Has the perfect beat..


ELCA Votes Against..

What Government Should NOT Be Involved in...

So I would never fault them for doing that..

As the Government has no business in this issue..

We were given free will by our Maker and NOT by any man, women or Government a$$hat..

SO we should be free to make our decisions on our own, right or wrong..

Mine? Well a couple of years ago while campaigning for the GOP nomination to run against our local union loving socialist teacher I was asked at the convention how I felt about marriage by a couple of college students, males. My reply was marriage is between a man and a woman..Period..

What I would like to know about the ELCA of which I was a member at one time….

Is do they believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

And their views on homosexuality?

That is where they fail…and may as well toss their Bibles aside..Because they pick and choose what they want to believe and I sometimes feel they can interpret the Bible to fit what they want to feel and hear…

This How Well Gun Control Works…

In the utopian worlds so safe and secure the gun control NAZIs have created and what they want in AmeriKa…

A 15-year-old boy has been shot in the leg in Liverpool city centre.
The teenager is in a stable condition in hospital after he was shot in Great George Square, in the city’s Chinatown, at about 21:30 BST on Friday.
Merseyside Police said shots were fired by one of two teenage boys who were on a scrambler motorbike.
The force said the boys parked before producing the gun and firing shots at a group of people, then riding off towards Hardy Street.
A bikie war between two rival clubs has escalated overnight, with senior members of the Nomads targeted in what police suspect are reprisal attacks for attacks on the Hells Angels gang.
Two more properties in Sydney’s north-west were sprayed with bullets overnight and a police van, understood to have been conducting surveillance on a Newtown tattoo parlour, was destroyed by fire.

Police conducted a search on the woman’s Mandurah property where it will be alleged they found cannabis, gold jewellery and weapons including a 22 calibre gun and a Taser-style device disguised as a mobile phone.

Is so safe in Formerly Great Britain and Australia
Go and thank NC Gun Blog for his hard work...