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What should we give up?

How about..

Not one damn thing!!!

What should we give up?

An idiot sits down in a theater and decides to shoot a bunch of people. A religious zealot shoots up a military recruiting station. Black teens with no direction, no hope and no opportunity shoot up their neighborhoods regularly.

After each of those events, people look to the firearms community and say, “What are you going to give up in order to make this stop?”

Well, I plan on giving up nothing. I certainly won’t be giving up my guns. If I did that, I would have even less chance of survival if I was ever to end up in such a deadly situation.

Sure Your Not….

Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly: We’re for ‘Gun Responsibility’ Not ‘Gun Control’..

On August 20, the Essex News Daily ran a story in which Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords claimed they “actually do not support ‘gun control’ in the traditional sense of the phrase,” but “gun responsibility.”

This comes after they have spent nearly three years supporting new gun trafficking laws, new laws on gun show sales, new laws on internet sales, limits on ammunition magazine capacity, expanded background checks, and gun control ubiquitously under the guise of domestic violence prevention.

Yet they say they are not for gun control.

200,000…..And No Blood in the Streets!!


(Saint Paul, MN) – AUGUST 21, 2015: In August 2015, Minnesota reached a landmark achievement with the issuance of the 200,000th Permit to Carry a Pistol.

“I’m excited to see Minnesotans exercising their right to keep and bear arms in record numbers, “said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director, Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC). “Permit holders in Minnesota today are more diverse, more female, and younger than ever before, reflecting the growing popularity of the shooting sports and self-defense awareness across our state.”

In 2003, Minnesota passed the Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act, changing the state to “shall issue”, requiring the county sheriff to issue a permit to any law-abiding citizen who has completed an approved training course and is not a danger to self or others.

“In 2003, there were incredible claims of how dangerous it would be to permit citizens their right to self-defense, “ said Rob Doar, Political Director, MNGOPAC. “It’s no surprise that none of these concerns have come to fruition. In fact, permit holders have proven to be one of the most law-abiding subsets of society.”

“In the 2016 legislative session and elections, we will continue our efforts to advance the constitutional rights of Minnesota’s two-and-a-half million law-abiding gun owners, “ added Doar.

Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners….

Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners……

Obama wants more UN-styled gun control

Right now White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…… and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.

They’re on their way to the UN Small Arms Conference, to be held in Mexico City on August 24.

And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.

It’s important that you contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.

Obama has already signed the UN Small Arms Treaty and it is waiting ratification by the Senate.

Obama’s global gun grabbers are jetting down to Mexico to iron out the details of this tyrannical new regime.

It requires signing nations to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.”

That means not just NATIONAL gun registration. You will be entered into a GLOBAL gun registration database.

Over the past century, we have seen registration lists used as a prelude to gun confiscation in countries like Rwanda, Cambodia and many more.

Gun confiscation, in turn, led to horrific genocides in many of these countries — including Rwanda and Cambodia.

Imagine dictators around the world — who can control the UN blue helmets (aka, the UN military force) — having your name on record as a gun owner.

It’s preposterous! And this is why the Senate MUST kill this toxic agreement.

Please take action to defend your gun rights.

ACTION: Contact your senators right now. Tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.