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Congress giving Obama ‘blank check’ for gun control

Congress giving Obama ‘blank check’ for gun control.

“It’s not just guns. We could be talking about any number of other subjects where the president could just go hog wild,” he said. “For people who say, ‘Just because you haven’t seen the treaty, why are you objecting?’ Wait a minute, the only time anybody will be able to see the treaty is when it’s too late to do anything.”

2015 Gun Facts Scorecard

Scoring State Gun Control & Gun Rights Laws.

Every year the Brady Campaign produces their State Scorecard, ranking which states have the “strongest gun laws.”

Every year, we prove there is no correlation between what Brady thinks is a good gun control law and violent crime.

This year, we decided enough is enough. To end the ongoing canard called the Brady Campaign State Scorecard, we embarked on a preliminary study of the effectiveness of gun control and gun rights legislation, to see what has an effect on violence.

The Top Take-Aways

The Brady Campaign will not be happy. After performing some high-level statistical analysis on a roster of laws, we found that:

  • The Brady Campaign State Scorecard has no correlation to violent crime control

  • Some correlation exists between public carry of firearms and lower violent crime

  • Seven points of gun owner rights liberation correlate with lower crime, whereas none appear for tighter gun restrictions

  • Most gun control laws appear to encourage robbery

  • None of the popular gun control laws reduced firearm homicides