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Minnesota’s gun controllers ask for a debate, then demand $1500 to show up..

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Last weekend, the Star Tribune ran a guest editorial by Minnesota’s lead gun control activist Heather Martens, the Executive Director of Protect Minnesota.

As usual, she called for restrictions on law-abiding citizens and claimed that her organization stood for gun safety – and, most laughingly, that they weren’t out to ban guns.

Of course, we remember in 2013 that Ms. Martens testified in favor of a bill to do exactly that – ban many common hunting and deer rifles under the guise of an “assault weapons” ban.

She ended her editorial with a call to action – a debate about gun violence here in Minnesota – and challenged the media to pursue such a conversation.

Mitch Berg, of Twin Cities radio station AM1280 – The Patriot, took Ms. Martens up on her offer. He contacted her to offer a debate on his two-hour Saturday afternoon political talk show.

Her response?

Pay me $1,500 and I”ll show up!


Only a few days later, Ms. Martens accepted an invitation from KARE-11 TV to appear on a “debate” between herself and a Republican political strategist. KARE-11 allowed Ms. Martens to use false and misleading facts, called her a “gun safety activist”, and didn’t set her up against a gun rights leader.

We sent KARE-11 this letter as a response to this disappointing debate.

They’re not really looking for a debate – they want to silence you.

The gun controllers like Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Heather Martens aren’t “gun safety activists” – they’re wily political opponents who will say or do anything to advance their gun control schemes.

And they’re not really interested in a debate – they just want us to sit in the corner and be quiet while they propose restriction after restriction in Washington, DC and in Saint Paul at our state capitol.

Straight Facts: The Video to End All Conversation about Successful Gun Control!

It isn’t hard to find a leftist politician calling for gun control, but it is hard to find a leftist politician who can point to a case where gun control […]

The U.K. is often cited by gun control advocates as a successful example of gun control. Here are the facts:

• Instituted in 1997, statistics confirm that gun-related homicides did NOT decline after the U.K. handgun ban. [1] In fact, the average number of firearm offenses in the ’97 to 2011 period was 31% higher than in the 1990 to ’96 period. [1]

• People intent on murder find other ways to kill. In England and Wales, for instance, homicide-by-stabbing rates are 5 times higher than gun-related homicide rates. [2] This is why TOTAL homicides are relevant, as they illustrate if homicides – in general- declined after instituting gun control.

• When looking at TOTAL homicide rates, we see they, too, did NOT improve after the gun ban. [3]

• And what about overall crime? Per the U.N., the U.K. has one of the highest per capita crime rates in the world. (specifically 4th highest out of 81 countries observed based on 2002 data) [4]

• In the U.S., there were 403 Incidents of “violent crime” per 100,000 people in 2010 [5], 387 incidents in 2012 [6, and 371 incidents in 2013 [7].

• In contrast, there were 1,797 Incidents of violent crime per 100,000 people in 2010 for the U.K. [8] However, “violent crime” is defined more broadly in the U.K., meaning their official figures can be adjusted downward to align it with how “violent crime” is defined in the U.S. After doing that, their rate is still near twice that of the U.S. at approximately 776 incidents a year. [8] [13]

• The political rhetoric often implies that the U.S. is overrun with homicides, but a comparison of 192 countries shows we’re among the safest ones. [9]

• The U.S. is arguably getting safer. Per the FBI, the 2013 murder rate was 5.1% lower than in 2012, 10.5% lower than in 2009, and 18.3% lower than in 2004. [10] Furthermore, violent crime in general has been declining for years. [11] [12]

So while gun control isn’t making the UK safer, the U.S. already IS getting safer.

Source: Straight Facts: The Video to End All Conversation about Successful Gun Control!