News/Gun Bits…And Political Idiots…

So I repeat myself with ‘Political Idiots’ one and the same..


Hypocritical old bag of stupidity..

Flashback: Pelosi Said Obama Did Not Need Authorization to Attack Libya



Critics Slam Buttigieg for Appearing to Blame America in Statement About Ukrainian Plane Crash


Pretty much….And will happen if Conservatives sit on their asses and do nothing…

The Democrats’ 2020 Vision: America Last


They deserve it…

Bunch of entitled, whiny little bitches…Whom think because they are ‘important’ to who? They can spout nonsense and garbage…

Hollywood Gets an Education


Pelosi seems to think that as she has been in Congress for WAY to long..She should be listened to..

Forgets she is a representative from a ‘shitty’, no pun intended, Congressional District…

War Powers or More Powers for Pelosi?

Self entitled bitch…


Little bitch from NY..

Ocasio-Cortez Cries ‘Racism’ After Being Called Ayatollah Sympathizer, Spreading Iranian Propaganda

Playing the racist card. Has nothing to offer…Except bitching and whining..


New Study Proves Too Much Gun Control Far More Deadly Than Too Little

Pretty much.

Check all the Dictators and tyrants methods in the last century….

Gun control is a losing proposition for the common folk…Not so much for the Tyrants…

Some numbers of murdered innocents for you…


The Left and gun grabbers don’t seem to understand this…

Judge Judy on Gun Control: ‘Bad guys will always get guns’

See above post for what happens when really bad guys disguised as ‘Politician’s’ control the guns…


Biden..Complete freaking idiot…

Biden’s Strategy to Win Iowa Voters: Attack Gun Rights, NRA


From the party of ‘diversity’ Rich old white bastard running for President…And wanting to run our lives…Eff him..

Stark Difference Between Candidate Bloomberg and President Trump on Guns in Church


Media continues to prove that they hate America and Americans..

Especially this clown..

MSNBC Host Chris Matthew Compares Terrorist Leader To Elvis Presley


Good Gun!!!

Group tries to rob Texas gun store. One suspect killed by 79-year-old veteran, business owner. Others run.


A gun would have worked much better..

But use what ya got works also!!

Brave Mother Who Fought Off Six Antifa Receives Nordic Resistance Movement’s Civil Courage Prize











News/Gun Bits …

Police Take Legal Action Against Nearly 200 In Australia For Alleged Bushfire-Related Offences

Apparently this is how the Left creates ‘climate change’!!!


Mike Bloomberg’s Uninformed, Contradictory Rhetoric on Guns

Imagine if you will. This old, white, liberal, asshole as president…


White House Fumes Over CNN’S False Report During Iranian Attacks | Iran Threatens Israel And Dubai

Fake news from the Clown News Network…


More fake news from the Mostly Stupid, Nothing But Clowns network..(MSNBC)

MSNBC Airs Baseless Iranian Propaganda About Dead US Soldiers..


Turns Out, Anti-Gun Virtue Signaling & Politics Don’t Sell Shoes



Virginia Bill Aims to Shut Down NRA Headquarters Range


2011 – The attempted assassination of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords and subsequent shooting in Casas Adobes, Arizona, in which five people were shot dead. Since the perpetrator turns out to be a deranged leftie, it’s TOTALLY the gun’s fault.


Opponents of the Second Amendment Don’t Like the First, Either

Pretty much …


We knew this …

‘Speaker Pelosi is an embarrassment and unfit for office’: Cheney, others disgusted at Pelosi’s behavior during attack


And some, liberals, probably think they spent the money on food or some such nonsense..

Ted Cruz reminds Americans that Obama paid for the missiles Iran just fired on our troops


Dear Gungrabbers,

Her choices were??


Pregnant Woman Uses AR to Shoot, Kill Home Invader


If you thought this would never happen..

Think again..

Trump Supporter Draws Gun In Self-Defense After Politically Motivated Attack








Gun Bits ….

Thanks To Media, This Is How Communities Mourn

Wake up people. Today’s media is a tool of the left, filled with talking heads whom like nothing better then to spout the leftist bullshit!


Eric Swalwell Blames Trump For Poway Synagogue Shooting

When your platform sucks and you have nothing..


Occasional -CoTex Pushes Gun-Control Bill Immediately After Synagogue Shooting

It’s how they play the game..


Iraq War Vet Speaks Out After Stopping Synagogue Shooter: ‘I Scared the Hell Out of Him’

“It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun,”


STATEMENT: Gabrielle Giffords on House Vote to Pass H.R. 8, Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019

Hopefully the Senate will end this travesty…


Steve Scalise: Far-Left Democrats Want Gun Confiscation

“Their ultimate desire to take and confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens is where they have always wanted to go, but they know the public is not there, the country is not there, so they try to go in backdoor ways,” said Scalise.


Ban Guns. All of Them…

Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance….

They really are coming for your guns. All of them. From the “good” people too! They don’t care.

“[B]anning guns urgently needs to become a rhetorical and conceptual possibility. The national conversation needs to shift from one extreme—an acceptance, ranging from complacent to enthusiastic, of an individual right to own guns—to another, which requires people who are not politicians to speak their minds.”

“BAN GUNS. ALL OF THEM. Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police. Not just because of San Bernardino, or whichever mass shooting may pop up next, but also not not because of those. Don’t sort the population into those who might do something evil or foolish or self-destructive with a gun and those who surely will not. As if this could be known—as if it could be assessed without massively violating civil liberties and stigmatizing the mentally ill.
Ban guns! Not just gun violence. Not just certain guns. Not just already-technically-illegal guns. All of them.”

Phoebe Maltz Bovy in IT’S TIME TO BAN GUNS. YES, ALL OF THEM.…/its-time-ban-guns-yes-them

MN Permit No Longer an Alternate to NICS??????

From Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance….

The DEMOCRATIC Administration of Gov. Dayton stabs Minnesota gun owners in the back. Is this part of the Tim Walz strategy to F.O. the law abiding gun owners of the state???

Minnesota needs a Governor and Attorney General that will stand with us. Not that seek to blame and punish us for the crime and insanity of others.

The local ATF announcement says the Minnesota BCA initiated this.

From: <>
Date: Sep 21, 2018 3:07 PM
Subject: MN Permit No Longer an Alternate to NICS

It was recently brought to our attention that (contrary to the Open Letter) the Minnesota Permit to Carry does NOT qualify as an alternate to running NICS check. The application does not allow for the collection of data that is necessary to run an IAQ on individuals for whom it is required – thus the permit does not meet the requirements set forth in the law. BCA is aware of this, has been in conversation with our headquarters, and has officially requested a reexamination of the Alternate Permit status.

Bottom line is that Minnesota does NOT have any qualifying alternate permit, and FFLs should not be accepting permits in lieu of running NICS checks. HQ is in the process of pulling down the Open Letter, along with updating the Alternate Permit page to reflect Minnesota as not having any qualifying permit.

Please note that BCA has requested the re-examination of this issue. We hope to have something in writing posted in the near future. Please help us in getting the word out to other licensees. If there are questions, direct them to call our office (651) 726-0220.

Thank you.

Crystal Clardy
Industry Operations Investigator
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
St. Paul Field Division
30 East Seventh Street, Suite 1900
St. Paul, MN 55101
Office: 651-726-0192
Fax: 651-726-0221
Cell: 605-290-6760