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Well Now…

It appears that..



The Lamestream Lying Leftist Media…

Have all helped me come to a decision…

I have been considering purchasing a Crossbow..

Why? Because when 60 rolls around for me in the not to distant future, I can legally use it to hunt Deer during our Archery season..

And since Deer hunting is only second to fishing in my world for outdoor type activities..

I thought this would be great as I can start my Deer hunting in September and hunt through December if need be. Along with the rifle season when that rolls around for one week in November.

And I have been saving up for this purchase. How? My neighbor had come looking for my youngest this spring to hire him for a summer of mowing lawn, as neighbor and spouse spend the bulk of Summer at their lake home way up-north. Well youngest was not coming home as he was staying at school to work for summer.

So he asked me if I was interested. I asked how much? His offer was way to good to pass up..

So now I have the cash, not for a crossbow…

But a black rifle, of which one I have not decided yet….

So a stop at Bill’s, the Frontiersman,  Gander Mountain and Cabela’s is in order..

The crossbow can wait…

An AR is needed for my ‘collection’….

Funds are not enough to go high end. Possible low to mid range..

But soon Gun Grabbers, soon…




What should we give up?

How about..

Not one damn thing!!!

What should we give up?

An idiot sits down in a theater and decides to shoot a bunch of people. A religious zealot shoots up a military recruiting station. Black teens with no direction, no hope and no opportunity shoot up their neighborhoods regularly.

After each of those events, people look to the firearms community and say, “What are you going to give up in order to make this stop?”

Well, I plan on giving up nothing. I certainly won’t be giving up my guns. If I did that, I would have even less chance of survival if I was ever to end up in such a deadly situation.