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Works for me…

Social Distancing Made Understandable

But of course…

Yet Another TV Show Maligns the NRA and Gun Owners


Bloomberg’s Gun Ban Group Releases List Of Endorsed Candidates

Includes this worthless critters…

Dan Feehan (Minnesota), Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.)

Whatever works…

Active Shooter Opens Fire From Bridge, Nearby Soldier Takes Him Out

Similar to claiming it’s for the children, while aborting them…

Stop Equating Opposition To Gun Control With Being Pro-Murder

Not enough….

How Many Individuals and Households in the United States Own Guns?

Because…Guns Bad!!!

Moms Demand Action Push Anti-Gun Agenda Through Food Banks

Truth….One politicians and socialists/communists/Democrats hate..

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: “An armed people will never be enslaved!”


Gun Bits …

New Zealand and how is that gun control working..

New Zealand’s Gun Confiscation Doesn’t Even Achieve Its Stated Goal

Gun-related crimes and fatalities are on the rise in New Zealand, despite the country’s recent attempts to ban and confiscate many commonly owned firearms over the past year, according to Radio New Zealand (RNZ).

And more ..

Despite Confiscation, New Zealand Sees Most Gun Crime in a Decade



First-Time Gun Buyers Explain How Coronavirus Changed Their Politics

Is Chicago…

Chicago Sees 39 Shot In One Weekend While Media Wrings Hands About Trump Golfing

Shhhh….Don’t tell anybody!!

Apartment Rentals & Firearms, The Less They Know the Better

Spare me…

Glimpse of Toy Gun in School-Related Zoom Call Results in Police Response to Family Home

Beyond ridiculous…


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Nanny Bloomberg, spending his money in hopes he can buy what he wants!!!

Bloomberg Gun Control Group Trying To Oust Pro-Gun NM Democrats

Go figure…

Suicides Not Reduced by Laws Restricting Gun Owners


Poor babies…All upset and panties in a wad..

Moms Demand Miffed About Rifle Raffle To Help Small Businesses

Classic is right!!

Classic Guns: Remington Model 760 Series And Other Pump-Actions

Dad had this as his 760  one and only Deer rifle. In .35 Remington.

Accurate, yes..Watched Dad with iron sights pop gallon milk jugs filled with water at 150 yards. That was his normal sight the rifle in routine.

With a scope he was even deadlier. I never could shoot like him, but Dad being a vet and having fought in Korea, plus a farm boy in Northern Minnesota, whom had to put food in the table, he was deadly.

Bought it when I was a wee lad of about 5 or so. I still remember the deer he brought home his first time out with it.

He shot a lot of deer with it. And when he decided it was time, gifted it to my youngest son. And that kid can shoot as well as his Grandfather!!

Great gun, still pristine and at least 60 years old…

Family heirloom I would say..



Everytown Needs To GO Away …

They claim….

Everytown Survey Indicates Support for Gun Control Has Surged During Pandemic

By asking…1500 people?

Everytown tapped the pollsters at Global Strategy Group last month to ask 1,500 Americans whether gun control was “more important” now than it was before the outbreak.


Yet gun sales were up…

NICS Gun Sales Figures up 69 % Last Month, Best April on Record

And March 2020?

March 2020 saw exponential growth in sales as suggested by a huge jump in firearm background checks, with the month setting an all-time record for not only the month but also the highest volume day and week since NICS was established.

Sorry(not really) Everytown…But you need to go away, your lies and bullshit polls are getting old…



Gun Bits …

I’ll shoot back bitch…If not first…

PA Doctor And School Board Member Threatens To Shoot The Unmasked

Nothing to do with ‘gun safety’. Disarm the People is what it is all about..

Which Side Really Cares About Gun Safety, Anyway

No data. Just lies..

Everytown Ignores Its Own Data to Get Attention

Everytown for Gun Safety produced an “analysis” that sought to tie an “‘alarming’ spike” in fatal firearms-related accidents involving children to the recent surge in firearms purchases across the country. Their point is predicated on the deliberate exclusion and misuse of their own data – they used the tragic deaths of children to push their anti-gun agenda. Their own historical data disproves their claim.

More from Everytown…

Gun-Grabbing Religious Useful Idiots Really Serving Interests of All-Powerful State


Trump Yanks ATF Chief Nomination Over Gun Answers

Anti-Gunners Pressure Subway To Ban Open-Carry In Stores


Gun Bits …

One wonders how people can be so lazy as not to do a little research before asking a question like this..