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Coming Tuesday: Sen. Latz’s Gun Control Circus

Here’s the deal:

Under Legislative rules, it’s too late for any new pro- or anti-gun bills to move forward. Even knowing this, anti-2A Senator Ron Latz is holding a hearing on two DEAD gun control bills…and he’s doing it on the day that the anti-gunners are having their day on the hill.

Why would he waste everyone’s time, and your tax dollars, on this stunt?

1. The Bloomberg gun control gang told him to.

2. He wants it to look like there are big crowds to support gun control.

3. He can.


Whenever gun control rears its ugly, racist, elitist head, we’ll be there.

If you can possibly arrange it, please meet us at the State Senate Building at 7:30 a.m, wearing your GOCRA shirt, so we can show the Senate, the media, and the state that Minnesotans don’t support gun control.

Should Hospital Staff Be Armed?

Should they?

We go to the ER and hospital and expect to be safe.

And if our safety is threatened by some nutjob whom refuses to follow the law and ignores some dumbass sign.


Therefore it is within our right to protect lives. Ours and others.

If we as healthcare professionals are entrusted with our patients’ lives every day, why would we not be trusted to defend our patients’ lives with a firearm if a violent situation requires it?

The Obama administration does nothing to make this situation any better, with Obama constantly trying to remove our constitutional rights through pressure and executive actions.   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are following in his footsteps and trying to push gun control in any way they can.

Rosenthal states “the Medicare agency faulted St. Joseph [Hospital] for the shooting, saying it had created ‘immediate jeopardy to the health and safety of its patients.’ Threatening to withdraw federal money, the agency demanded restrictions on the use of weapons.”

Source: Should Hospital Staff Be Armed?