It’s Been a Long Week, But Much has been Accomplished

It’s Been a Long Week, But Much has been Accomplished

We want to thank the entire GOA membership for taking action this week — and, especially, for calling the Oval Office.

I personally have been to the White House many times since Trump took office, and I am in contact with those who are hammering out gun policy on behalf of the President on a regular basis.

The White House clearly knows where GOA and its members stand. Your collective voice has been VERY LOUD indeed.

So we want to thank you for that.

And you should be encouraged that some media outlets are declaring that prospects for gun control are as “dim as ever.”

Because of your activism, the White House knows there is a significant chunk of the gun community that wants NO gun control … NO infringements … and, NO compromises.

Many of the public meetings with the President this week have involved efforts to pass gun control “lite.”

But the White House knows that GOA and it’s 1.5 million members are NOT supporting any gun control.

And they’re not the only ones.

I and other GOA staff have met with the chief sponsor of the Fix NICS bill in the Senate, John Cornyn of Texas.

We’ve told him that GOA members oppose this legislation — but that we are heartily on board with passing concealed carry reciprocity.

And this is key, because it’s the members of the legislature who will determine what goes into any bill that is sent to President Trump’s desk.

What encourages me is that when we go into these meetings, we have GOA’s membership standing behind us.

Capitol Hill offices are frequently telling us how “loud” our members are.

Again, I am grateful for that — because now we are facing a new, potential threat.

Up the pressure on your Congressmen by getting GOA’s pre-written postcards that are sent to all GOA Members. You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

Congress considers adding gun control to spending bill

Washington’s Roll Call newspaper reports that congressmen are considering adding the Fix NICS gun ban bill to the annual spending bill, called the “Omnibus.”

This is a serious threat because the omnibus is most definitely a “must pass bill.”

This strategy is clever — from an anti-gun perspective — but it is not without its potential pitfalls.

Roll Call reports that the addition of Fix NICS — and nothing else — “would face steep resistance from Senate Democrats” because gun grabbers want far more gun control.  And the bill would also be strongly opposed by pro-gun conservatives in the House.

On this latter point, you have played a significant role.

You will remember that GOA urged you in December to help us get cosponsors on the Rep. Ted Budd letter, which told Senators that if “Fix NICS” came back from the Senate without concealed carry reciprocity, it would not be considered.

Thankfully, there were dozens of congressmen who signed on to the Budd letter, and this has complicated efforts to get gun control passed — which is a good thing.

But more to the point:  When the House leadership combined Fix NICS and concealed carry reciprocity into a “combo-bill” (H.R. 38) earlier this year, the House leadership promised us and its House members that Fix NICS WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED unless reciprocity was added to it.

Having said this, it’s probably worth reminding the House leadership of their commitment to us.

And since this is the last alert of the week, let’s just remind them once more to say “no” to all gun control — and to keep their promises to uphold their oath of office.


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Looks like we’re making some headway…..

Pro-gun Senators are emboldened to fight for 2A Rights!

To recap:  Democrats like Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein are teaming up with sell-out Republicans to enact a package which we call “The Second Amendment Infringement Act of 2018.”

That could be enacted as one bill or three bills, but it contains all of the elements for politicians who want to effectively repeal the Second Amendment, but don’t have the 3/4 of the states to change the Constitution. (See the accompanying chart.)

But as I suggested above, our grassroots support is emboldening pro-gun Senators on the Hill.  According to the article that I cited earlier:

An attempt to bring up that bill with dispatch failed when Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, blocked a bid by GOP leadership to pass it without debate.

Kudos to Senator Lee and the several other pro-gun Senators who are backing him!

Now that the Senate is in recess for the rest of the week, it’s important to shift gears briefly and bombard the House with phone calls and emails.

Because remember, whatever gets passed in the Senate will get thrown back to the lower chamber.

Representatives will play a key role in battling gun control

The House took action last year, when congressmen passed a combo-bill combining “Fix NICS” with reciprocity.

GOA heartily supported the concealed carry portion, but strenuously opposed the “Fix NICS” part of the bill.

Having said that, the House leadership at that time promised their fellow members and us that, if “Fix NICS” came back from the Senate without reciprocity, it would not be considered.

Not only that, several dozen congressmen signed a letter authored by Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) which reiterated the same point.

The letter was a terse message to the Senate, telling them that any “gun legislation” that comes back to the House, MUST HAVE CONCEALED CARRY REICPROCITY.

If the House sticks to its guns, so to speak, it will make it very difficult for Congress to pass the “Second Amendment Infringement Act.”

The reason is that Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer have not been willing to give an inch in his demand for gun control — and nothing but gun control.

Some congressmen are beginning to wet their pants

GOA is hearing that some congressmen are already beginning to waver. Of course, we’ve been focusing our attention on the immediate battle — in the Senate.

So House members really haven’t been hearing from GOA members all that much … at least, not yet.

This is why we need to buck up the members of the House — especially Republicans.


The Assault on Our Gun Rights Begins…

Senate Leaders Prepare ‘Second Amendment Repeal Acts’

1. Please call your Senators — Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) at (202) 224-3244, and Sen. Tina Smith (D) at (202) 224-5641 — and urge them to OPPOSE every word of gun control.

2. Remind them that they should be repealing gun free zones … arming teachers and principals who want to carry … and enacting concealed carry reciprocity!

3. You can also send an email to your Senators by clicking here.

Not a GOA member yet? We need you more than ever right now. You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

URGENT ALERT: Another Round of Phone Calls/Emails are Desperately Needed!


If you were a cowardly politician who wanted to repeal the Second Amendment — by statute — because you couldn’t secure 3/4 of the states to amend the Constitution, what would you do?

First, you would pass generalized language that would allow any administration to ban entire classes of firearms by executive fiat.

Second, you would force states and agencies to send millions of names of innocent Americans to a national “gun ban list.”

Third, you would create a secret procedure to allow police to descend on your home and seize your guns, without giving you a chance to defend yourself in court.

You would, in short, pass the Second Amendment Repeal Acts of 2018 — a set of bills which are being prepared, in secret, by both Republican and Democrat senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It is not clear whether the package would come to the Senate floor as one, two, or three bills.  But, collectively, they should be better known as “The Second Amendment Repeal Acts of 2018.”

So please call your Senators — Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) at (202) 224-3244, and Sen. Tina Smith (D) at (202) 224-5641.  Urge them to OPPOSE every word of gun control.

And remind them that they should be repealing gun free zones … arming teachers and principals who want to carry … and enacting concealed carry reciprocity!

You can also send an email to your Senators by clicking here.

Up the pressure on your Congressmen by getting GOA’s pre-written postcards that are sent to all GOA Members. You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

The Second Amendment Repeal Acts of 2018

GOA is hearing that the following gun control components will be included in this compromise legislation:

1. A Trojan Horse bump stock ban. The so-called “bump stock” ban that would outlaw anything which “accelerates the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm.”

We’ve already seen how this language would ban polished bolts, match triggers, and high-capacity magazines. Tripods and scopes also allow a shooter to fire accurately at an accelerated rate.

And, since pistol grips allow for faster and more accurate fire, any semi-automatic which has one could, under an anti-gun administration, also be banned.  And also any semi-automatic handgun.

If you doubt this, ask yourself this question:  Do you think, for a minute, that Barack Obama would not have done this, had he had this legislation available to him?

2. Background checks on steroids that would send millions of decent citizens into the NICS system.

The “Fix NICS” component would use a federal mandate and a $625,000,000 “bribe pot” to force the submission of millions of names — perhaps tens of million of names — of innocent Americans to NICS.

These submissions are not hypothetical:  In every case, states like New York and agencies like Veterans Affairs already submit these names to NICS.

But, if every state and every agency were forced to follow New York’s and the VA’s lead, tens of millions of Americans would lose their right to keep and bear arms.

Thus, what if everyone in Social Security (old age), Medicare, and Medicaid could be disarmed, by a simple diagnosis, if they had Alzheimer’s, PTSD, ADHD, post partem depression, or OCD?  Or a guardian to process their check?

What if every state followed Massachusetts’ lead and sent traffic ticket scofflaws to NICS.

What if every state sent its medical marijuana list to NICS, as Hawaii is doing?

What if every state followed New York’s SAFE Act, which coerced psychiatrists to send 30,000 of their patients to NICS?

What you would have is a nation disarmed — category by category.

Make no mistake about it:  These liberals are casting a broader and broader net on innocent Americans.

And yet they were unable to stop people who passed background checks in Tucson, Aurora, San Bernardino, Charleston, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, and Parkland.

And they were unable to stop the Newtown shooter, who killed his mother and stole her guns.

3. Firearm Confiscation Orders.  Finally, the “Second Amendment Repeal Act” is expected to have star-chamber procedure where police, relatives, neighbors, or government officials can get a secret (ex parte) order to take away your guns.

The procedure was devised by California, in coordination to billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The first time you would know that your gun rights have been taken away is when police arrive to ransack your house and, if you resist, to arrest or kill you and your family.

This is already happening in repressive states, although, not surprisingly, the press doesn’t choose to report it.

And, although you have the right to an after-the-fact hearing, few victims have the money to hire the attorneys and expert witnesses necessary to take advantage of this option. Compounding the problem, judges are loath to second-guess themselves — and risk public condemnation.

Pro-gun legislation that WON’T be in this “compromise” bill

We suspect the Second Amendment Repeal Act will not contain the only idea which could effectively protect our children:  the right of armed teachers to protect their students.

And it will definitely not have the Hudson reciprocity bill, which the House leadership promised us and its members would be part of any final gun package.

Thus, there will be a continuing succession of bloody media-generated school shootings.

Because the one thing we know for sure is that virtually every one of these mass shooters is primarily motivated by media fame.

And each successive failure of gun control will only generate additional calls for MORE GUN CONTROL.

There was an expression popular in the 1980’s:  The sell-out Republicans are “feeding the alligator, in the hopes that it will eat them last.”

But if you’re wondering how this sell-out bill will play politically, check out the Saturday New York Times front-page sub-headline:  “[Florida] Leaders Defy N.R.A., but Proposals Fail to Impress Protesters.”

Thus, these sell-outs are working hard to destroy the Republicans’ base, but will not mollify a single anti-gun voter in return.

So, again, please call your Senators — Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) at (202) 224-3244, and Sen. Tina Smith (D) at (202) 224-5641.

Urge them to OPPOSE every word of gun control.

And remind them that they should be repealing gun free zones … arming teachers and principals who want to carry … and enacting concealed carry reciprocity!

You can also send an email to your Senators by clicking here.


GOA News …

We Need Every Gun Owner to Step Up to the Plate!

First, I want to thank you so much for the activism that you have put in this week.

I sent you an alert almost every day — and you realize that I don’t normally do that.

But you obviously recognize what’s at stake.

It’s so important that Congress and the President hear from us, or else they will only be hearing from the anti-gun Left.

Your phone calls to Washington were well-timed.  Because remember, we did not hear one word of arming teachers from the President until you guys started deluging the White House with calls.

I also want to let you know that we’ve been fighting hard here in Washington, DC.

We are meeting with key congressional offices to buck up the opposition to ANY and ALL infringements.

We are planning to bring pro-gun “victims” of mass shootings to Capitol Hill so that their voices can be heard.

GOA spokesman have appeared on dozens of talk shows and TV outlets — including Fox and CNN.

In case you missed it, you can see some of our media appearances here:

* A Fox News debate, where I called for defending our children in the same way we protect Congress and the President — with guns!
* A CNN debate, where viewers stated that “GOA shut down the Clinton Network News reporter” and “took this fool to fact school … that’s why I now have a GOA membership!”
* USA Today column, where 90 percent of viewers agreed with the GOA position!

Up the pressure on your Congressmen by getting GOA’s pre-written postcards that are sent to all GOA Members. You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

We’ve defeated gun control before — even under difficult circumstances

I know the opposition against our God-given rights is intense right now.

But please remember that we’ve been to this rodeo before.

After Columbine, the Left conducted a six-month crusade for gun control — with a magazine running a jet black cover (symbolizing death) and the full power of the presidency against us.

In the end, only two senators — TWO — resisted the siren call to vote for Clinton-type gun control, and yet we still managed to pull out a victory because of a key pro-gun Republican in House (Rep. Tom DeLay).

After Sandy Hook, every major voice in the country proclaimed that we had reached a tipping point and that the “gun lobby” would be utterly destroyed.

Anonymous hate mail threatened to kill us and our children.  Yet, with the help of pro-gun champion Senators such as Mike Lee and Rand Paul, we stopped all gun control.

Some Republican Senators are caving

So the current gun control campaign — organized by billionaires in New York and Los Angeles — is nothing new.

Make no mistake about it:  The children of Parkland, Florida, who are mouthing Bloomberg talking points have been twice victimized.

First, because they were forced to go to school in a defenseless, gun-free zone.  Second, because the billionaire Left — led by prospective Democratic nominee Oprah Winfrey, anti-gun George Clooney, and anti-gun Stephen Spielberg — are bankrolling a gun-control march on Washington which will advocate the taking of their liberties.

As was the case after Columbine, there are fearful, squishy Republicans who are now threatening to bail ship — on “Trojan Horse” bump stock bans … background registration checks … and more.

GOA’s Chairman Tim Macy authored a blistering oped this week, warning Republicans “to get ready for a major butt kicking if you go down the road of stomping on the Second Amendment.”

Leftist White House advisors are pushing Trump to embrace a wide variety of gun control.  Not surprisingly, these advisors don’t know a whole lot about guns.

But if the Trump administration tries to outlaw guns and accessories by illegal executive fiat, we will take his administration to court — and we think we can win if we can get it before the Supreme Court.  However, that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Thanks to House Republicans, passing gun control will not be easy

Today’s problem is making sure Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and John Cornyn (R-TX) do not create a $625,000,000 “bribe pot” to get millions of additional names in the NICS system.

These names would include more veterans, more traffic ticket scofflaws, more medical marijuana users, more “SAFE Act” New Yorkers who are turned in by their psychiatrists, more Californians who are stripped of their guns in “star-chamber” proceedings which they are barred from attending.

The good news is this:  As a condition of passing H.R. 38 — the Hudson reciprocity bill — with a “Fix NICS” amendment, the House leadership committed that it would not consider a Senate passed “Fix NICS” bill unless it contained reciprocity.  Chuck Schumer would not allow such a combo-bill to pass the Senate.

So, by insisting on that linkage, the House has effectively killed “Fix NICS” for more than two months.

But we need to understand that the weight of the world will be brought down on the House to break its promise and capitulate.

So we are counting on our Senate heroes — Mike Lee and Rand Paul — to object to any “unanimous consent” request which would allow the Senate to consider a straight gun-control “Fix NICS” bill. They need your encouragement and your support.

Will Republicans enact gun control legislation, after Obama couldn’t for eight years?

The congressional Republicans who have not kept faith with their campaign promises need to hear from you.

For example, Florida gun owners should politely, but firmly, admonish Sen. Marco Rubio (R) for his compromising statements this week and encourage him to stick to a “shall not be infringed” defense of the Second Amendment.

In the end, if the Republican Party becomes “THE PARTY THAT FINALLY DELIVERED GUN CONTROL, AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF FAILURE UNDER BARACK OBAMA,” it will lose its base and be flushed down the toilet bowl of history.

The sooner it learns that lesson, the more likely it is that the GOP will grow because of media-generated copycat shootings, rather than being crushed by them.

Make no mistake about it:  The rioting liberals will settle for nothing less than a massive gun ban and confiscation program.

And they have never voted for a Republican and will never do so.