“Lie about Confiscating Guns.”

All the left has and this includes their Propaganda machine…Are lies…

The Writer in Black


Joy Behar’s “recommendation” to gun-grabbing freedom-denying politicians is to lie about their intent to confiscate guns, then just do it once they’re in office.

Well, we’re used to politicians lying to us.  It’s more surprising when they tell the truth.  However even their lies can be informative.  The thing to remember is that a politician has only one raison de etre.  Anything they say, anything they do, has only one purpose:  to win their next election.  There may be occasional exceptions (for instance, a President heading toward a second term being more “flexible” after their last election), but that’s the general rule.  This is especially true when it comes to lies:  they lie because it’s what they need to do to get elected.

Now consider that in the light of Ms. Behar’s recommendation.  Lie about gun confiscation because that’s what you need to do to get elected.  After all, consider…

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