“What Is Happening In Minnesota Is A Disaster!”

BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine: BOOGIE WORLD: BAD NEWS FOR THE DEMS Uptown was, until recently, one of Minneapolis’s principal entertainment and shopping areas. Now, in the wake of Winston Boogie Smith’s shooting by law enforcement–he apparently opened fire first–a chunk of Uptown has been closed off to traffic and turned into an “autonomous zone” that is […]

“What Is Happening In Minnesota Is A Disaster!” — MN Prager Discussion Group

Joe Biden urges Americans to turn in their neighbors ….

It has been noted that Joe Biden’s Presidency is basically just Barack Obama’s third term so it should come as no surprise that the President would like Americans to turn each other into the government if they do not hold liberal views on the State. You might remember that during his reelection campaign Barack Obama […]

Joe Biden urges Americans to turn in their neighbors — America’s Watchtower

Pompous, Arrogant, Government Pricks …

Former Biden Senior COVID Adviser Admonishes Americans for Their Lack of ‘Sacrifice’ During the Pandemic


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