From Your Favorite Lying Bartender….

@Gun Free Zone…

AOC angry that law abiding gun owners did not break the law and start a riot

Because these were law abiding hard working citizens.

Whom love their Country, the Constitution and their Freedom..

Unlike you AOC. You Socialist bitch..

And this!!

AOC, you lying ****!

Go back to bartending, we will all be better off and you’ll be less annoying..

If you ain’t reading Gun Free Zone

Why the hell not??


News/Gun Bits …

Turning Us Inside Out

According to Hoyt…


This is our future if Conservatives in office don’t show some balls and Conservative voters don’t get off their asses and force them to.

Radical Left’s 1st Item of Business: Retire Bill Of Rights, Starting w/ 2nd Amendment


Avoid New York..

Hundreds of gun-toting tourists have been arrested at NYC airports

Transporting Firearms and Ammunition

So laws. Know them. Avoid places that disarm you.

Like Virginia also..

Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states

I will no longer travel to any state that does not honor my PTC.

It’s why we need this..

S.3139 – Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act


Eminem Drops Surprise Album With Anti-Gun Song, Video

Dropped a big old turd did he?

Looks like it.

Never cared for his music or his thug life..


Another RINO shows his true colors…Gimme the money and I’ll do as you ask…

Florida Alert! Donald Trump, Jr. Blasts FL Republican Bill Galvano Over Taking Money from Bloomberg


Yes, she is this stupid..

Elizabeth Warren Wonders How Americans Could Ever Vote For A Liar


Another ‘woman’ full of shit and lies…

Sorry Shannon, But Those “Random Civilians” Are What Are Known As NRA Members


Failure of Government Education…again..

State of Ignorance: California Pushes False Information to School Kids on the Second Amendment


NBC Reporter Deletes False Tweet Claiming Gun Rights Event Is ‘White Supremacist Rally’

Don’t be this guy…No media bias here!!


And finally..An epidemic? Global?

A video of medics in hazmat suits scanning plane passengers for China’s mysterious Wuhan virus is stoking fears of a global epidemic








Hitler and Bernie

David's Commonplace Book

I may be breaking my own rule about comparing American politicians by posting this meme.

Separated at birth?

In my defense, I am not posting this because I believe that Bernie Sanders is anything at all like Adolf Hitler. I simply wish to point out that if you wish to call yourself a socialist, like Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, and so many other Democrats are doing these days, you are putting yourself in really bad company.

Of course, the standard line taken by the left is that Hitler was not a socialist at all. Certain, Hitler’s party was called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, but that was only disinformation, a lie designed to beguile the masses into supporting Hitler instead of real socialists. Very well, then, but what about Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and others. All these men called themselves socialists, and all of them…

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