O preacherman………


O preacherman, I need you now, this hour.
The executioner unsheaths the knife
To serve me cruel death; but you have power
To stay his murderous hand and grant me life.
Refuse by guilty silence to blaspheme
Against the God whose image plain I bear;
From pulpit rooftop sound my silent scream,
For God gave vicars so the world could hear.
Your lisping gospel-shibboleths of love
Forbear; instead, incarnate love with deed;
For life is but a word until you prove
By feast that here is fruit and not mere seed.
I beg you, shout Love’s one-word sermon: “Don’t!”
Though from your unteared eyes I fear you won’t.

Morning Miscellany ……………..

Break into a home assault 2 women and pistol whip an 11 year old…

Get yourself shot at by homeowner..

Shot dead..

Then of course have one of the ‘suspects’ relatives make ‘such a good boy claim’…



Go figure..

Obama gets ‘disrespected’ again..

At a speech..

With American Legion..

Gee wonder why?


Bloomberg is at it again..

Trying to buy another election and politicians with his money..

For ‘gun control..


Common Core losing support??

But we must indoctrinate the People into servitude..

Because the Government, run by corrupt rich bahs-turds know whats best for us them!!


Angry group of hating atheists want IRS to monitor Churches..

Congress wants to know why!
So do I!!


Burger King has had enough big government and corporate taxes..

So they decide to move..

To Canada..

DemocRATS lose it…


Once again..

The Liar-in Chief!!




After 22 hours of being without wireless and only able to connect my old….

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ homebuilt computer to the Innerweb…

So old I cannot remember when I built the damn thing!!

Direct through cable modem…Bypassing router…

And having a MBWITW unable to connect with her computer or her Kindle..

And eldest son whom came home this weekend and unable to access with his SMRT Phone…No he does NOT have a data plan,,,Dad’s paying for the damn phone!!

Things were a bit gnarly…

This all started when Charter started having ‘issues’ yesterday….

But after finally getting the router reset, properly I guess…Not sure why I had problems, other then refusing to ‘look at’ let alone ‘read’ the manual…

All seems to be working once again…

Damn technology…

Pain in the butt sometimes…



Islamic slaughter and displacement of “non-believers” continues


But the “free world” continues to focus on
Israel’s “genocide” against “Palestinians” rather than on
the Islamist terror groups aligned against her.

If the Obama Nation is serious about combating the Islamic State (IS), perhaps it should embed intelligence types with the Vice News teams to get better information on where its forces are located and what they are doing.

Does Obama’s American really want to prevent the IS’ creation of an Islamic caliphate? How about other Islamic terror organizations? Hamas?

As observed in an article titled Christians and Yazidis in Iraq – and a World’s Indifference,

For the United Nation’s (UN) and the international media, there is one standard for Palestinian people and refugees, and another for others. This can be deduced from the reaction to the plight of the Iraqi Christians and the Yazidis (a Kurdish ethno-religious group of people, concentrated primarily in the Nineveh Province in Northern Iraq, now occupied by the…

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