Gun Bits ….

My Daddy said, “Son, Don’t let them take your gun…”

Found here …

I was 19 then this came out and Grand Funk one of my and still is favorites…was on 8 track….Yeah old I am…


Birth of the Resistance
Some still believe…


Screw them…

Anti-Gunners Demand Gun Shop Closures; Have They Lost the Gun Fight?


Now this is different….

The Future Is Now! Sci-Fi Rifle Design Using TWO Marlin 60’s


In What Sense Do You Think We Are Free?



This Is Why Newbies Are Buying Firearms

As to why there are a lot of newbies buying guns, it is because they correctly foresaw a rise in crime. They knew that a firearm, correctly used, will allow them to protect themselves and their families.


Ranges not considered ‘essential here..


10 Ways for Shooters to Pass the Time in Quarantine



Most dearest and I are still working. She in food services in the school system. I as a medic. So pretty much normal..Mostly…

Authorities Brace For Increase In Domestic Violence