Oh Please…

Fine. I have a few questions for you Doc.

Have you, by your actions or lack of same, caused harm to a patient or caused a patient to expire?

Do you have any malpractice suits against you, pending or otherwise?

Do you drink? How much?

Or simply no Doc, I do not own any guns. Why do you ask?

Source: Doctors Urged To Sign A Pledge To Confront Patients About Guns


Media BiASSed: Another Clinton Scandal..LOOK SQUIRREL!!

1. New Evidence in Russia/Uranium/Clinton Foundation Scandal, Will Nets Report?

On Tuesday, The Hill reported new revelations in the scandal surrounding Russia’s obtaining control of American uranium and its payments to The Clinton Foundation. It’s a scandal that the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening shows have gone out of their way to shun, spending only 3 minutes and 1 second on the story in over two years.

2. Hidden Video Exposes NYT Editor Trashing ‘Idiot’ Trump and ‘F***ing Horrible’ Pence

The latest video from James O’Keefe captures a New York Times editor secretly trashing the “idiot” Donald Trump and the “fucking horrible” Mike Pence. In undercover footage released by Project Veritas on Tuesday, NYT homepage editor Des Shoe conceded, “The New York Times is not…I mean, it’s widely understood to be liberal-leaning. But, American newspapers are not supposed to claim a bias, they’re supposed to be objective.”

3. CNN: Trump Is ‘Jealous’ of Obama Because He’ll Never Be ‘Classy’ ‘Smart’ or ‘Kind’

Monday evening on the final hour of CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon psychoanalyzed President Trump’s flailing answer to a reporter earlier that day about past presidents record of contacting fallen soldiers’ families. Lemon claimed Trump was “obsessed” with Obama because he could never be as “classy” “smart” or “kind” as our former president, while guest analysts Douglas Brinkley and Charles Blow repeatedly claimed Trump was racist and that was why he was “obsessed” with Obama.

4. Rob Reiner Deflects on Weinstein, Attacks President Trump, Justice Thomas & Fox News Instead

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, the panel brought acclaimed Hollywood director Rob Reiner on to promote his upcoming film LBJ. Reiner was very comfortable going into attack mode on President Trump when prompted, but upon being asked about the allegations of rape and sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, Reiner was extremely reluctant to address the issue at length.

5. ‘Hardball’: Trump Is Black Knight in Monty Python with Supporter as Deranged as North Koreans

Fresh off the distinction of being honored by Salon as a conservative (read: liberal Republican) must-follow on Twitter, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens declared on Monday’s Hardball that President Trump “reminded me of the Black Knight from the Monty Python skit” in that he’ll continue fighting even though he’ll eventually be left powerless and limbless.

6. NBC Hopes for NFL ‘Compromise’ on ‘Thorny, Touchy Topic’ of National Anthem

After downplaying NFL commissioner Roger Goodell calling for an end to National Anthem protests one week earlier, on Tuesday, NBC’s Today lobbied hard for team owners to reach a “compromise” with players at an upcoming League meeting over the “thorny, touchy topic” of showing respect for the Anthem.

One More Time: Fascism Is Left Wing

The Camp Of The Saints

Over at Steyn Online, Mark Steyn Club Member PK33 left the following remarks in the Comment Section of the post “The Weinstein Company is Dead”(1):

I do have a question though, maybe for Mark’s Mailbox or another time. Why is the Left recently claiming that Fascist parties from history and Fascism in general are Right-wing?

From this article in Canada’s National Post newspaper, the author states that, “Still, this means that Austrians have elected their most Right-wing government since Hitler’s Anschluss in 1938.”

Austria is poised to elect a far-right coalition. The decision shows how Europe is gripped by border anxiety

Hitler was not Right-wing as Jonah Goldberg exhaustively demonstrated in Liberal Fascism. How has the Left come to dominate the narrative that the Right is Fascist?

I recently re-watched your SteynPost ,”The Seduction of Violence” and you made clear that the Left’s ANTIFA and others are the…

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