News/Gun Bits ….(Idiots Among Us!)

Dem rep: I’m not surprised to see Trump taking sides against peaceful protesters like … Antifa

It’s what happens when you watch lame stream, lying media…As follows..

ABC, NBC Provide Cover for Antifa Terrorism, Claim They’re ‘Counter-Protesters’

It’s to be expected from Nothing But Crap and All Bullshit Channel when it comes to reporting objectively and honestly..

CNN Found It Controversial that Trump Wants to Brand Antifa as Terrorists

And then there is the Clown News Network..

Antifa Protesters Mace, Beat Elderly Man Unconscious

Guess this is okay?

And this..

Antifa Protester Fights Bus, Bus Wins


Head Scratcher: House Dem Seems To Think An Assault Weapons Ban Is Similar To Banning Plastic Straws

Facepalm…How do these people get elected? Who elects them!!??


Bernie Says As President He Would ‘Declare War’ On Certain Right Wingers

And they want your guns..

Keep them close and loaded..





Lawless In Portland..

The crazy people have taken over the asylum..

Also known as Portland Or.

So Much For Being ‘Peaceful’: Antifa Attacks Reporters And Conservatives In Portland (Again)

Disgusting: Antifa Protestor Suggests Portland Police Commit Suicide

When you wear a mask and attack others…Your a terrorist..

And should be treated as such..But apparently the powers that be in Portland…Encourage such activities…