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Time Person of the Year Obama Was ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’; Trump Is a ‘Demagogue’


What a difference a Person of the Year can make. In 2008, Time journalists hailed their choice, Barack Obama, as an “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Jedi and cheered, “Why History Can’t Wait.” In contrast, 2016 Person of the Year Donald Trump is an “outlandish” “demagogue.” The Obama cover featured the now cliched hope poster. Trump’s image read, “President of the Divided States of America.”

Trump to Lauer: Posting on Twitter Better Than ‘Dealing With Dishonest Reporters’


In an exclusive phone interview with Donald Trump on Wednesday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt grilled the President-elect on his use of Twitter, fretting: “I have not seen you backing off fights on Twitter. In the time since you were elected, you’ve targeted the cast of Hamilton, The New York Times, China, Boeing, the media, and SNL. Is this proving to be a habit that you’re finding a difficult time breaking?”

NBC Fears Trump’s Pick Will ‘Dismantle’ Obama’s EPA, CBS Smears


News broke Wednesday that President-Elect Donald Trump had selected Oklahoma Attorney General, and active opponent to the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt to lead that very same organization. Word of Trump’s latest pick sent liberal environmental groups into a panic along with networks CBS and NBC. “The president-elect filled more administration posts today, putting a global warming sceptic in charge of protecting the environment,” announced anchor Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News.

Worried NY Times Alerts: ‘Ally of Fossil Fuel’ Picked for EPA


Just hours after President-elect Donald Trump picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency, the New York Times on Wednesday quickly expressed concern. The online headline fretted, “Donald Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Ally of Fossil Fuel Industry, to Lead E.P.A.”

NBC’s Todd: Trump Hosting ‘Dangerous’ Game of ‘Picking Winners and Losers’


Chuck Todd joined colleagues Mark Murray and Carrie Dann in a Wednesday article on NBC’s First Read blog that decried President-Elect Donald Trump’s “dangerous game of…picking winners and losers” in the economy. The trio oddly wondered, “Despite all of the corporate criticism of President Obama’s first few years in office…has Trump intervened more in companies — directly and individually — in his month as president-elect more than Obama ever did?”

CNN Smears GOP as Raging Racist Opposition in Obama Legacy Special


In their two-hour-long documentary, The Legacy of Barack Obama, Wednesday, CNN allowed former Obama adviser Fareed Zakaria to set his sights on Congressional Republicans as claimed their opposition was fueled by a deep seeded racism. “That fierce, unrelenting opposition, would haunt the next eight years and what began as whispers is now discussed openly,” he pontificated as ominous music played, “Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?”

‘Watch Your Uterus!’ the View’s Whacky Predictions of GOP-Led Terror Against Women, LGBT


Wednesday on The View, the panel made some wild predictions about what would happen during Donald Trump’s presidency. But not before making some clearly factually inaccurate statements. The panel blamed Trump for supposedly taking away people’s health insurance already before warning that Mike Pence was going to take away women’s rights and LGBT rights.

Failure to “Feel” Saved

December 8
Failure to “Feel” Saved
2 Corinthians 7
“Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret …” (v. 10)

Sometimes I am asked: “If a person does not undergo a radical repentance at the time they turn to Christ, does that mean they are not converted and will not go to heaven when they die?” My answer is usually along this line: “It is better if a person experiences a radical repentance at the time of their initial commitment to Christ, as this sets the tilt of the soul in the direction of agreeing with God. But God will come in and live in a person’s life by invitation, even though the repentance is not as complete as it should be.” The advantage of a radical repentance at the time of one’s commitment to Christ is, as I have said, that it bends the ego in God’s direction and teaches it right from the start that submission is essential.
A major reason for lack of spiritual assurance (people who have committed themselves to Christ not feeling saved) is this issue of incomplete repentance. When repentance is incomplete and there is no “godly sorrow” over sin, the effects of sin (guilt and shame) are not eliminated from the soul. Radical conversion siphons off these things and leaves the soul feeling free. It ensures there are no regrets, no hankering for former things. To change the metaphor, if the soul is not plowed up by radical repentance, the seeds sown by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God will not take deep root. Those who have never fully repented ought to do so now — without delay. Take time this day to evaluate your spiritual condition. Make Christ Lord.
O God, help me not to move beyond this day without clarifying my spiritual commitment. Am I first in my life, or are You? May I know the godly sorrow that leads to deep repentance. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.
For Further Study
1. What had Israel depended on?
2. What was God’s word to them?

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