And I Call BS !!

Okay so I am a baby boomer.

Worked my butt off for over 45 years..

3 different careers.

-Printing..14 years

-Fiberglass composites..3 years

-Emergency Medical Services, for over 26 years.As an EMT and Paramedic,(Some overlap during the Fiberglass composite years, as a volunteer EMT with a rescue squad.)

Prior to all that the usual High School part time jobs.

Paid my taxes, paid into social security, medicare, etc.

Those are not entitlements!! I paid for them..

So these pukey little asswipes that write this


Can go hug a root…


What the hell have they done other than whine??

Can’t hire them in EMS, because they won’t work nights, weekends, holidays!!

Call in sick all the damn time and then we find out they were at a party, concert, some such thing..

Eff them…

Excuse me…I need to shut the Internet off for a while before I go smack someone…







One Wonders …

If those that make Soap Operas are worried??

Because the ongoing daily soap opera happening in Washington DC is a lot more entertaining then anything TV produces!!

And it’s all live!!

Gun Bits …

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