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Shannon Watts Plays The Stupid Well….

“Bad guy gets a gun – shoots three at Lake Hefner restaurant – and the @NRA calls it a victory,” Watts groused on her Twitter feed. “In other high income countries, bad guys don’t get guns. People don’t get shot at restaurants. And armed strangers don’t have to risk their lives in the line of fire.”

via Shannon Watts Disparages Lake Hefner ‘Good Guys with Gun’



Doing It Right!!! Not Dick’s!!

Sportman’s Warehouse, a notable hold-out in the corporate backlash against modern sporting rifles, reported booming firearm sales this week.

Top executives for the outdoor retailer told investors Thursday policy changes from competitors drove more customers into their stores, spiking gun sales 15 percent during its first quarter ending May 5.

via Sportsman’s Warehouse: Gun sales booming thanks to corporate backlash

L.A. Times Still Trying To Blame U.S. For Mexico’s Violence …..

Mexico is a violent hellhole these days. The drug cartels have such a hold on parts of the country that the entire nation is descending into failed state status at an alarming rate. The violence down there is sobering and staggering.

And, to hear the left tell it, it’s all our fault.

People forget that the Obama administration did their part to arm Mexican drug cartels through Operation Fast & Furious.

Now, though, the American people–in particular, our refusal to give up our Second Amendment rights–is once again being blamed for violence in Mexico.

via L.A. Times Still Trying To Blame U.S. For Mexico’s Violence

Parkland Impact On Gun Control? A Bunch Of Nothing …….

While the Parkland kids got invited to Hollywood premiers and pretty much every prime time news slot the anti-gun media could manufacture for them, there still remained a question about just how much they actually accomplished. It’s a fair question.

Florida enacted some gun control measures in the immediate aftermath of Parkland, so there’s that, but nothing has passed nationally. Yet that’s not the only measure of their potential effectiveness, right?

Have they been effective in other ways?

It doesn’t look like it.

via Parkland Impact On Gun Control? A Bunch Of Nothing

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