Day After…

My week long visit to Camp Ripley…
To train the latest crop of Cadets attending the Minnesota State Patrol in Emergency Medical Responder (formally known as 1st Responder).
With staff from EMS Ed.
Was a success!

We tested all 44 Cadets, initials and refresher students, with the written exam Friday morning. all 44 PASSED with a 80 % or better!! Made us very happy. We had our concerns about some so it was pretty satisfying to see how they did.

This was followed by all 28 initial students passing their skill stations!! With only one whom had to retest in Bleeding and Shock because he forgot "BSI/Scene Safe" and knew it the minute he walked out of the station.

So for a week that was rather intense, stressful for both the students and instructors it felt very good at the end.

This was followed by an afternoon of putting the Cadets through scenarios I put together with Training Staff from the Patrol for the Patrol’s Spring in Service Training.
This will be the first time we combine both patrol training with EMR refresher training.
It went pretty good with the Cadets. Now we will see how it goes with the rest the of the Troopers.
IN less then two weeks.
I will be making my weekly journey to Ripley for 8 weeks to do this..


Today we give the Cadets at the Minnesota State Patrol Academy their final written and then test their practical skills!!

Has been a long week and has required a few "pep" talks, I gave an impromptu one before study/practice session last night that even impressed the Boss!! (We affectionately call her "Lucifer")

All day classes and 1 hour and 45 minute sessions every night….

SO today we find out how well we taught and how well they received it!

29 testing today written and practical. 14 refreshing their 1st Responder…


Day 4 at Ripley with Cadets…been an interesting week, long days of teaching starting at 0800 and ending at 20:45, with meal break of course.
Cadets doing as well as expected.
Instructors also.
Today is a couple of lectures, helicopter stuff, medical director? and review, lots we are hoping and then Friday will be test day….
Written and Practical…
We are busting our butts to make sure they will all pass…but we and the Patrol have concerns about some…

ObamaCare’s automatic money machine

ObamaCare’s automatic money machine

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

ObamaCare may well be the greatest fraud ever
perpetrated on the American people. As the
current Congress has discovered, their
predecessors in the Pelosi/Reid 111th Congress
buried many “self-funding” provisions in their
healthcare bill. This trickery was designed
to make it impossible for subsequent Congresses
to “undo” this tangled mess. But there is a
solution: Cut it to pieces as soon as possible!
See my urgent message below – Mat.

Congress is once again facing a Continuing Resolution (CR)
Bill to keep our federal government operating.

As debate begins, attention has turned to the ObamaCare
“self-funding” provisions that the ultraliberal 111th
Congress wrote into the law to provide AUTOMATIC funding
for 10 years!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Rep. Michele Bachmann
(R-MN) have called on the House leadership to
sign a pledge to include a total defunding of
ObamaCare in any proposed CR.

To put these self-funding mandates into perspective,
Congressman King wrote a very insightful Op-Ed piece which
was published on-line by Politico comparing “undoing”
ObamaCare to an ancient puzzle faced by Alexander the

++The ObamaCare Gordian Knot.

King’s article first reacquaints us with the fabled history
of what was called the “Gordian Knot.” It seems that in
333 BC, Alexander the Great faced the challenge of untying
the enormous and complicated Gordian Knot. An oracle had
proclaimed that whoever solved the knot’s challenge would
receive the kingship of the ancient nation of Phrygia.

Representative King’s article goes on to explain:

“Alexander drew his sword and slashed the knot
in two. The ‘Alexandrian solution’ was born.
Alexander received the kingdom of Phrygia, and
he went on to spread civilization throughout
the known world.”

“ObamaCare is today’s Gordian knot. The law was
drafted to be incredibly difficult for lawmakers
to unravel. When then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
President Barack Obama, and Senate Minority
Leader Harry Reid drafted ObamaCare, they quietly
included provisions that automatically spend
$105.5 billion over the next 10 years to implement
the law.”

“Unprecedented in scope, these self-enacting
provisions grant ObamaCare its own self-contained,
automatic money machine. These are the resources
that fertilize this malignant tumor, which is
extending its roots into every aspect of our health
care system. These roots are tightening their grip,
despite the House’s vote to repeal it, the public’s
opposition to it, and the decisions of two federal
courts ruling it unconstitutional. These roots are
the ObamaCare Gordian Knot.”

++Liberty Counsel supports all efforts to DEFUND ObamaCare!

We applaud efforts to take away ObamaCare’s funding at every level. But that’s not the only way to defeat this dangerous law. In the spirit of “the Alexandrian solution,” we are
also swinging a very sharp sword of litigation at it!

In fact, we have deployed a THREE-pronged strategy to win
this battle. We are: Fighting in the courts; pushing for
repeal in the legislature; and working to defund ObamaCare
through legislative or administrative processes.

Most importantly, my team and I are just weeks away from a
major showdown with Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals over the constitutionality of the personal “mandates” in ObamaCare.

Please consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel to help us defeat ObamaCare in court by going here:

++ObamaCare’s damage gets worse from week to week.

Beside the fact that the number of “waivers” from
having to comply with ObamaCare’s dictates passed
1,000 (!) this week, it is notable that Rep. John
Conyers (D-MI), ranking Member of the powerful
House Judiciary Committee, just admitted that
the law is a good “platform” for creating a
socialist, “single-payer” system!

We should not be surprised that the steady inroads ObamaCare is making in our healthcare system are intended to lead to
something even more oppressive – a full-blown, nationalized
Health Service like the one Medicare Chief Dr. Donald
Berwick champions.

When recently asked by CNS News if he foresaw a single-payer healthcare system in the United States, Conyers answered,

“Of course…every industrial country on the planet
already has a universal system of healthcare.”

Each week ObamaCare survives and sends its roots deeper into America’s healthcare system, th

[The entire original message is not included]

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