Dear Joan Peterson. But Joan Still…

Won’t get it!!

Just won’t. Like all the other anti’s squealing about those beer bellied, beer swilling, uneducated rednecks. “Gunny’s” insensitivity. Your sides words, not mine.

Oh we are sensitive. Why some of these gunny types are way more sensitive then you anti types. Just not to those whom want to harm us or take away our rights. My sensitive side is way lacking in those areas. And since you refuse to see or understand why I demand my “Rights” as granted me by my Creator, not yours, and the Founding Fathers, know that I will not easily give them up, I will fight for them as hard if not harder to keep them then you will to take them away. You want to be a victim? So be it. I don’t, nor won’t. You want my guns? Are you ready to go as far to take them as I am to protect them?

Are you?

But I rant,  click on it and go read it.

Here is a tidbit…

Dear Joan:

No. It’s not funny. We weren’t trying to be humorous. You know why, Joan? Some of us are either victims of violence or would-be victims. I fall into the latter category because my sister-in-law used an evil, nasty gun to convince an intruder, between one and two in the morning, to stop trying to get into her home. I was wrecked on Benadryl and didn’t even hear Cee shooting at the bad guy. Do you, Joan, really think that I would have awakened in time to defend myself, or get out my bedroom window, or call 911, or even yell for help, if the bad guy had gotten in without interference from Cee? Do you? I don’t.


Damn straight!!!

"We are students of words; we are shut up in schools, and colleges, and recitation rooms, for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bag of wind, a memory of words, and do not know a thing." –American author Ralph Waldo Emerson


Finished David Weber’s Safe Hold "A Mighty Fortress"..a real book, paper, pages, ink and the like..
Was a struggle to get through and I have read many a David Weber novel..and enjoyed them,
But this one was slow and long…
Not sure if I want to tackle the latest "How Firm a Foundation". But I probably will…
For now though have a number of ebooks to read…
Reading "Knox’s Irregulars" by J. Wesley Bush
Plus finishing up "In Africa Hunting Adventures in Big Game Country"
Both with the Kindle app on my android phone and or tablet…

Kind of handy that way..

Soon it Begins…

Our return to the classroom..
In my case multiple classrooms..
Most with my main employer and with undisclosed Community College I instruct for.
Multiple towns…
Today and tomorrow ACLS
Friday evening. EMT..
Next week.
EMR Refresher,
EMR Initial..
CPR Classes..
Folllowing week
EMT Refresher..

Either my classes, classes I am assisting with or lecturing at..

And it will continue until oh about June!!!

Orange Juice Futures!!!

Orange Juice Futures Surge to Record on Fungicide Fears.

Trading Places: Starring,  Dan Akroyd, Eddy Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, is really happening!!

On television, they learn of a Clarence Beeks (Paul Gleason) transporting a secret report on orange crop forecasts. Winthorpe and Valentine recall large payments made to Beeks by Duke & Duke and realize that the Dukes are planning to obtain this report to corner the market on frozen orange juice. The group agrees to disrupt their plan as revenge.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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