Nothing this AM.
Crappy slow connection for some reason, although I was suspicious of the group of man-child’s hiding downstairs with their computers hooked into my network downloading WoW patches or whatever it is they do.
But I dc’d the connection since they are all sleeping and it is a little better…

Rain, heavy rain today, tomorrow and Thursday I think they said..

On the road today again.

So maybe something later….Probably…

Libertarianism On The Rise In The Last Three Years

Say Anything » Libertarianism On The Rise In The Last Three Years.

Wonder why?

Big overreaching government?

That spends like there is going to be no tomorrow?


A clueless pResident?

Thugs and jerks surrounding him?

A media that fail to see what is happening, or fails to report factually and truthfully?

Continued attacks on our Freedoms?

Of SPeech?

Of Religion?

Our 2nd Amendment?

A pResident that threatens and sues States?

Why would Libertarianism be on the rise?

Cause we are a bit PISSED OFF maybe?

With all Government??

All politicians?

Pretty much any government lackey?

Unions demanding more when we are doing with less?

Clueless idiots in Washington!!





Mega-Scandal: Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control?

Pajamas Media » Mega-Scandal: Was ‘Gunwalker’ a PR Op for Gun Control?.

Government above the law?

Government does not have to follow the law?

Government is invalid then..

Time for real change..Boot their asses out and start over…Restore the Constitution and will of the People.. The taxpaying paople, not the illegals and welfare ho’s.

The most damning revelations coming out of the hearings on Operation Fast and Furious held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform are the unmistakable indications that the program was never designed to succeed as a law enforcement operation at all.

A quartet of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agents and supervisors turned into whistleblowers to bring the operation down, but only after U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down in the Arizona desert. Two of the weapons recovered at the scene of Terry’s murder were traced to the operation.



Gun Mystery…

Friend and co-worker approached me today.
Lost his Dad recently and was xleaning out the house and in the back of a closet found….
One of those GUNZ!!

He came to me asking about it and will be bringing it to me to have a look see at.
He dscribes it as a 5 shot revolver, top break action and on it are the words "Secret Service Special".
Am looking forward to seeing it and finding out what it is for him.

Said I would make some inquiries…

A Father Is…Irritated

Okay make that Pissed.

That certain relatives do not seem to care enough to recognize their Nephew/Cousin’s accomplishment with his recent Graduation.

In spite of invites and MBWITW making a personal call to make sure they knew about graduation and party.

I do not give a shit that they live 6 hours a way. We made the trip.

But my connection with those said relatives diminished when Sister passed away a few years back.

Now it has really diminished.

Not even a damn card?


Friends you can pick.

Relatives you can’t.

The Old Guy Got Game….

At least a little bit left…
In Church League Slow Pitch…
Was 2 for 3 tonight. Scored a run and drove in a run.
Actually drove the #2 Son in on a line drive down the left field line.
First time up beat a shot to 3rd and managed to beat throw to 1st.
Of course managed to slip on 1b and end up on my butt, but was safe.
Went to 3rd on a fly to RF and then managed to score on the next hit.

So between the Kid and I we accounted for 4 of the 6 runs. He scored twice, I scored and drove one in.

And we won…

6 to 4..

But on the one ball hit to me in RF, a sinking line drive, which I got to and got my glove on it….Managed to pop the webbing and take care of that glove!!!
Shoot, now I need to restring it!!!

Maybe someone in town does that??

So I guess the old dude still has some game left!!

Be Ffitymumble next month…
But this ankle is a bit……….

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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