ACLS class today..
Caucus tonight..

Working on a head cold..

CPR tomorrow…

CPR Thursday….

EMR(1st Responder) Thursday night…

Be a long week, was teaching until 10 last night and then drive home..

Need to motivate and get moving…



Tonight..In Minnesota..
If you really give a rip about what happens and is happening..
Get involved
Become active..
Go out and support your candidates.
Get over the whiny "effing ..
"Oh my vote does not mean much" etc. etc.etc..

If you do noting and sit on the sidelines..

Then do not expect anything or say anything…

Because you deserve what you get…

This is grassroots, this is really where it starts..

Go. Support. Vote..

Or shut the hell up…and take up the mmmppfff…

Precinct Chair MaddMedic…
A$$o!! Conservative, Bible clinger, gun toting, American…

Stand Your Ground is back! Contact these senators today


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Last year, GOCRA worked with Minnesota legislators to introduce the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act, a sweeping set of legislation that would fundamentally rebalance Minnesota law to protect and support the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Due to the showdown over the budget, our bill didn’t get the support and attention it needed. But you can’t keep a good bill down, and…

Stand Your Ground is Back!

We need your help.

Please contact the members of the Senate Finance Committee, and urge them to vote YES on HF1467/SF1357. Their contact info is below.

Sen. Claire A. Robling
Committee Chair
(651) 296-4123

Sean R. Nienow
Vice Chair
(651) 296-5419

Richard J. Cohen
Ranking Minority Member
(651) 296-5931
Mail Form

Terri E. Bonoff
(651) 296-4314

Michelle L. Fischbach
(651) 296-2084

Barb Goodwin
(651) 296-4334
Mail Form

David W. Hann
(651) 296-1749
Mail Form

Bill Ingebrigtsen
(651) 297-8063

Keith Langseth
(651) 296-3205
Mail Form

Doug Magnus
(651) 296-5650

Scott J. Newman
(651) 296-4131

Gen Olson
(651) 296-1282

Mike Parry
(651) 296-9457

LeRoy A. Stumpf
(651) 296-8660
Mail Form

Linda Higgins
(651) 296-9246

You can email many of them at once by pasting this list into your email client:

sen.claire.robling ; sen.sean.nienow ; sen.terri.bonoff ; sen.michelle.fischbach ; sen.bill.ingebrigtsen ; sen.doug.magnus ; sen.scott.newman ; sen.gen.olson ; sen.mike.parry ; sen.linda.higgins

Need that with commas instead? No problem!

sen.claire.robling , sen.sean.nienow , sen.terri.bonoff , sen.michelle.fischbach , sen.bill.ingebrigtsen , sen.doug.magnus , sen.scott.newman , sen.gen.olson , sen.mike.parry , sen.linda.higgins

If you use those lists above, don’t forget these senators:

Richard J. Cohen’s Mail Form
Barb Goodwin’s Mail Form
David W. Hann’s Mail Form
Keith Langseth’s Mail Form
LeRoy A. Stumpf’s Mail Form

Here’s some background on the bill:

HF1467/SF1357 Summary

HF1467/SF1357, the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2011, brings “Stand Your Ground” protections to Minnesota, restores the presumption that a person using self defense is innocent until proven guilty, enhances Castle Doctrine, prevents the state from seizing guns during an emergency (remember Hurricane Katrina?), extends purchase permits to five years, improves carry reciprocity with other states and requires the government to do its job to serve law-abiding citizens

The full text of the bill can be found here: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bin/bldbill.php?bill=S1357.0.html&session=ls87

Here’s some more detail:

Adds Stand Your Ground
SF1357 brings “Stand Your Ground” protections to Minnesota, removing the requirement that an intended victim of violent crime must retreat from a place where he has a right to be before using deadly force in self defense.

Enhances Castle Doctrine
The bill also strengthens Minnesota’s “Castle Doctrine,” clarifying when and under what circumstances individuals can legally use deadly force to protect themselves in their homes and vehicles. In addition, it creates a presumption that, when faced with an apparent home invasion, carjacking or kidnapping attempt, a person may use deadly force in self defense.

Prevents Gun Seizures During a State of Emergency
Taking a lesson from the problems in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the bill also bans government agencies from seizing guns or ammo, revoking permits to purchase or carry, closing gun shops, or otherwise suspending our constitutional rights during a civil emergency — or at any other time. It also prohibits law enforcement officers from seizing a person’s gun, unless the person is arrested, or the gun is evidence of a crime.

Extends Purchase Permits to Five Years
The bill also extends the validity of handgun purchase permits from one to five years, adds an annual background check for people holding those five-year permits. It requires the Minnesota Department of Human Services and state courts to make their background check records available electronically to authorized agencies, including the National Instant Background Check system (NICS) — a process that was supposed to have been in place 16 years ago! This should reduce purchasing delays as well as ensuring that state and federal checks produce the same results.

The bill also borrows a page from the Permit to Carry law, providing a more robust appeal process for denied purchase permits, and requiring that police chiefs and sheriffs whose purchase permit denials are overturned must pay the applicants’ legal costs.

Adds Universal Carry Permit Acceptance
Of particular interest to carry permit holders, the final article of the bill updates our carry permit reciprocity standards, allowing people holding carry permits from any other state to carry in Minnesota (under Minnesota law, of course). This should result in a large increase in the number of states where Minnesota permit holders can carry, since many states allow other states’ permit holders to carry on a reciprocal basis.

Occupy occtrocities: Super Bowl edition

Marathon Pundit: Occupy occtrocities: Super Bowl edition.

Sharing the good news of our Occupy Whatever hosebags continuing to prove their pointlessness and seeing the only way they can get into the news is to throw hissy tantrums like the two year olds they are imitating, so well. And then get arrested…as you can see throwing your piss on someone is so grownup and mature…Burning flags scores so many points…Being pathetic losers whom do not want to earn their keep and demanding what others have…well good luck with that!!

Gateway Pundit: Fail. #Occupy protesters heckled outside Super Bowl
BreitbartTV: Nothing sacred: #OccupyTheSuperBowl politicizes the big game in Indy
The Blaze: ‘F*** the police’: Occupy Oakland protesters are throwing urine at the media
I thought it was about greed. The Tennessean: Occupy Nashville protesters tackle world topics
Same. Weasel Zippers: Occupy LA, other “progressive” groups defend Ayatollah Khamenei’s right to build nukes, hold “No war on Iran” rally…
KTRK-TV: Occupy Houston protesters march against a war with Iran
KATU-TV: Downtown parks reopened following Occupy protests
American Thinker: Rejoice. Washington no longer ‘Occupied.’
Moonbattery: Nuisance abatement at McPherson Square
WTOP-FM: Police do sweep of Occupy camp at Freedom Plaza
Verum Serum: Highlights of Occupy DC
Charlotte Observer: Occupy decries ‘DNC Fever’
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Most Occupy Pittsburgh campers exit before judge’s deadline
The Atlantic: Whither the occupation
FrongPageMag: The true face of Occupy Wall Street — on the Glazov Gang
Went 2 The Bridge: Occupy together, because you can’t arrest an idea whose time has come
Oh yeah? Occupy Arrests: 6,493 arrests

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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