Expose George Soros and His Leftwing Machine

Subject: Expose George Soros and His Leftwing Machine

Dear DHFC Supporter,

One man, more than any other, is shoving America down a slippery slope toward European-style socialism.

That man is not Barack Obama. He is the man behind Barack Obama. The man who, more than any other, elected Obama and has used the billion dollar campaign machine he has built to try to insert his insidious agenda into the halls of Congress, as well as the Oval Office, and deep into the machinery of our state politics. That man is George Soros.

Driven by ego-mania and a desire to destroy American capitalism and global preeminence, Soros has created a shadow government of powerful leftwing organizations working for the radical transformation of our country. Now you can understand why and how it’s happening. I have just completed a detailed report on George Soros that I want you and every concerned American to have. From Shadow Party to Shadow Government George Soros and Barack Obama’s Effort to Fundamentally Change America, carefully follows the money and the ideology of the two key players in the radical left’s massive assault on our freedom, democracy, and way of life.

I urgently need your help to raise $175,300 to publish and distribute 500,000 copies of this pamphlet to concerned Americans like yourself. That’s why I’ll rush you a free copy of From Shadow Party to Shadow Government today with your immediate contribution of $35 or more. So can I count on you to follow this link right away to make a $35 or more contribution to the Freedom Center?

Reports of the death of Barack Obama’s agenda have been greatly exaggerated, and that’s dangerous thinking. Across the nation, unsettling reports from conservative groups are coming in. It appears that many Americans think that the 2010 elections killed the radical left’s dreams of supercharging government, redistributing the wealth and "transforming America" into a second-tier socialist country.

Unfortunately, Obama, Soros, and other protagonists of the radical left still hold tremendous power! They continue to pursue their agenda in defiance of the will of the people, regardless of what the people said in last November’s elections. From Shadow Party to Shadow Government underscores how well-financed the movement is and how George Soros has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade to make it happen. It also shows how Soros handpicked Barack Obama, elected him and inserted his own people into the White House to make sure that his objectives were met.

That’s why it’s essential to publish and distribute 500,000 copies of From Shadow Party to Shadow Government right away. Will you help the Freedom Center raise the $175,300 we need to do so by making a generous contribution of $35 or more today? Don’t forget that we’ll rush you a copy of this important pamphlet with your donation.

By exposing George Soros, his takeover of the Democratic Party, and the sinister influence his network of radical institutions has in the current administration we help stop Barack Obama’s radical transformation of our country. The only way we can disinfect the situation in Washington is by shining a fearlessly critical light on the shadows where people like George Soros cut the deals that cripple our country and shrivel its future.

So please take a moment right now to contribute $35 or more to the Freedom Center and I’ll rush you your copy of From Shadow Party to Shadow Government today.

This is our Paul Revere moment. If we don’t warn our countrymen who will? Thank you for caring about America.

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