Pharmacy Robberies, Death and Protection

Rising painkiller addiction, ruthless dealers drive US pharmacy robberies –

Will come from?

LEOs show up to clean up and investigate!

Not there to protect you and never ever think you may protect yourself and others form the bad guys, as this pharmacist found out!!

Better to be a victim in the eyes of the hoplphobes and anti gun crowd…

To: Mount Athos

We have become a nation of wimps, save for the pharmacist.

Cause we know how good of a job they are at keeping the guns out of the hands of the bad guys and keeping the bad guys off the streets and behind bars!!
More fail from those whom do not care what happens to us as long ae are in compliance of their wishes, not ours!!


So What?

Album by Joe Walsh,

Is kind a how I feel these days.

So What?

Working two jobs, trying to just not get ahead, but stay above water!!
Certainly is difficult it seems. I wonder what happened to the American Dream?

Glad I have a job I enjoy, but often wonder what will happen in the future. I am not seeing anything promising coming out of Washington or St Paul.

We have idiots, thugs and crooks in Washington. A pResident whom seems completely lost and disoriented and advised by special interests, thugs and crooks.

A pResident whom has us in another War in spite of his denial. So we are now in 3 “conflicts” well they claim Iraq is over, if so why are American Servicemen still dying there?

In St Paul we have Governor Goofy whom cannot seem to deal with those that disagree with him and won’t do it his way so he resorts to threats against the tax payers and voters.

The GOP and DFL are different yet the same. I am beginning to agree more and more with the :Libertarians out there. Government IS the problem. And letting it try to cure itself is not going to work.

Is time for the People to say enough is enough.

The attacks on our Rights are many and seem to be ceaseless.

You have groups like the ACLU constantly attacking our Right to Freedom of Religion and the left leaning media supporting them.
Free Speech? Not so much anymore when some thin skinned asshole screams “hate” speech all the time.

The constant attacks on our 2nd Amendment Rights…You want to take away my Right to defend myself and family, yet are unable to do anything about crime and criminals?
Fail there. You want my guns? Get in line and know I will not give them willingly.

4th Amendment has been stomped on in every airport and soon passenger station in the country! As they look for “terrorists” and harass old ladies and babies!!! Want a job as a pervert and molester? Join the TSA!! Come cop a feel, act tough cause you can!!

Said state of affairs and when all this is supported by that idiot in the WH, looks like trouble for the citizens and tax payers.

Our borders are basically undefended as “undocumented democrats” pour across or Southern Border. Leeching into our welfare system and sucking the taxpayer dry.

A Public School system that is built on failure in teaching, but doing a damn good job of indoctrinating our youth in the ways of compliance and worship to unions and big government aka Socialism!!

Speaking of Public Unions, when you can run around threatening lawmakers and Governors with apparent impunity what does that say? Because you do not like what they are doing! Talk about a bunch of asswipes and thugs!!

Public Unions need to be gone, (in particular Teachers Unions!!) and those in them need to work for there living and be reimbursed like those of us in private sectors, achieving results based on abilities and hard work.

Bleh, all pisses me off.

Time has come to vote all the RINOs, Leftists, Communists, Socialist and since that about covers all of them, out of office.

One way or the other..

I am getting to the point I do not care much how we do it anymore, but something has to change as I am tired of living day to day wondering what kind of shit, garbage and other crap our “elected” officials and government appointed lackeys are going to dream up and foist in us.

Molon Labe jerks….

Defensive Gun Use..

But no shots fired and all are safe.



And what was stopped? Well a robbery and this it appears!

Something else to pay attention to: “He brandished a chrome handgun and forced three female employees into a supply room.”

What did he plan to do to three women that he wanted them out of view where he could be left alone with them? Fortunately, only he knows, and those women never had to find out. As I’ve said before, it’s never a good sign when a criminal starts herding his victims to an isolated place.

So all you anti gun hoplophobes answer me this.

What was the BG’s intent?

Whom would have stopped whatever his intent would have been had there NOT been a legally armed and RESPONSIBLE person present?


I’m waiting and I know I will wait a damn long time because you anti’s cannot answer the question!!

Now tell me again how guns are bad?

When used properly as the tool they are by responsible Citizens?

You can’t.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!


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