Either You Stand Behind and Support..

Or put your lameass in front of them..

Either way they are why you have the Freedoms to say and do what you want..

Even when you are an A$$0!!!


Another QOTD…

“They really don’t want to talk about the economy now, do they?” Eric Bolling asked, before handing it off to Greg Gutfeld, who seemed somewhat amused by the whole thing amusing consider Obama is from Chicago. Chicago. You know, the city “where if every criminal wore an orange jumpsuit, the city would look like a giant bag of Cheetos.”

Friday Night…

And is a quiet night…
Having problems with injured leg and the foot is swelling…no pain or discomfort, just looks terrible..

Tired as at 0200 this morning phone rang…Now this is a bit of an event as we age, parents are old, sisters, etc age..
So late night early morning calls can cause a little anxiety..
But when your youngest son is out of country, Costa Rica on a Youth Mission trip and the phone rings at 0200… Causes a bit of alarm as you fumble for light and the phone on the night stand…

So as the MBWITW anxiously waits for you to answer the damn thing you note the caller id…Is her work, sigh, hand her the phone so she can be asked to come in at 0700 to cover a sick call..

Relief, heart slows down, but sleep does not return an it becomes a long night…And after the week I had late nights early go times…I am tired tonight and thinking maybe an adult beverage would be appropriate..

Ya think?

Dang I miss the kid…

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!


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