BREAKING: Oversight Committee Votes To Place Holder in Contempt of Congress: So is Obama!!

Immature Adults Protest Children Singing God Bless the U.S.A.: Bet they vote dhimmicrap also!!

Cartoon: Obama’s Shady Information: Heh

Noted Soda Banning Mayor of Gigantic City Endorses…Romney?: Is that a good thing?

Republicans Better Fundraisers Than Democrats in May: Good…

$9 Billion Dollars Created How Many Jobs???: O I am guessing, lined a lot of Obama’s supporters pockets though?

Got a Gun? Chicago Will Give You $100 For It: Ummmm Nope, not happening…


Seriously, WTH?

What’s in those documents?  And why the panic to keep them secret?  If this doesn’t make the mainstream media wake up, nothing will..

Obama is a thug and a criminal…but since no one really knows his background or history and he constantly covers up and lies and the media refuses to look into it…one has to wonder WTH is really going on here that one can get away with all the crap Obama gets away with…He has surrounded himself with thugs and criminals.

When will America wake up and stop this travesty that is our so called pResident?


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