More Lies..

From an anti.
How does this dude get up and look in the mirror every day?

Lie!! Studies have shown that the actual number of households with guns has diminished.

Maybe he does not!
But he lies..

Sorry no linkage to this dude.

A little truth though…
You’ll have to type it in!!


Shooter’s Jamboree

Today at Ahlman’s

Boyz and I along with a buddy of #1 Son’s went and spent a good portion of today there.

Met a good friend of mine there.

Ran into a few folks I knew, some I have not seen in many years..

But lots of great people there;

Doing unique things!

Waiting to do unique things, like have their KIDS shoot .22s under close supervision!!

Interesting and pertinent to today signage!!

Fun Stuff!!

The big .50!!

No did not shoot it.:(

Oh yeah….Yep it is what you think it is!!

Look shoot guns for FREE!!!

Thats got all good going for it and there was a line, long one!!

Yep lots of terrorists, gun loving, Freedom loving folks here!!


Now this looks and was sounding interesting!!

It was!!


Then we found the good stuff…

Need one of those for the top of my car!!

What caliber is this!?!?!

There was much more and maybe more later.

Now I need Ibuprofen and ice for the back…

And some supper and maybe an adult beverage….


Have a carry permit?
A legal carry zone?
Do you use it?

As Weerd says here and I agree completely.
You have a carry permit, then CARRY!!

Why have a carry permit and not?

Seems to me that is like having a toothbrush and not using it!!

Great Video also…

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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