Recycle Time…

Bly and Dahle..

Statists, Unionist, spend it all and tax some more.

Teachers whom have lived off the taxpayer for years…Did nothing thier first time around and now want another go?

I think not..

Here we go again…



What a trip….

To Ripley….

Drove through this…

And it was dang interesting, especially since there were reported tornado sightings in the area, and it was a bit windy..

To arrive at this…

More weather headed our way and what we drove through? Headed for the cities and my youngest is at a Lacrosse match in North St Paul…without his Mom or Myself..

I am a bit nervous as he does not like storms at all and he is with folks I know, but rode with folks I kinda sorta know..

Sometimes work just gets in the way..

Damn..I be praying a bit…

S0 on that note…

No concealed carry with them!!!

Sharp, Pointy or BOOM!! Stuff..

Here is the latest news from On Point Firearms:

KaBoom: Tannerite Exploding Targets for Sale

BOOM! On Point Firearms is now your source for Tannerite exploding targets. Tannerite transforms your range into an episode of Sons of Guns, Top Shot, or FPS Russia. That’s right sports fans: this is the same stuff these professionals (professional Russian in the case of FPS) use to make things go KABLAMO on camera. Tannerite is an ingenious mixture that remains safely inert until you hit it with a high velocity projectile– like a speeding bullet. Trust me: it’s a real crowd pleaser. Pick up a case today and impress your friends at your next shooting event. Who knows, you could be the next internet sensation– or Tosh.0 web redemption! 20 1/2lb targets for only $75 shipped. Lower pricing available for members of our exclusive VIP program.

Fans of our last automatic knife sale will be pleased to see the new additions to our collection. First, we have an excellent auto from Spyderco– a legendary name in the industry. The Citadel automatic features an ergonomic aluminum grip and classic Spyderco drop point blade made of our favorite steel: S30V. We also like the safety button that prevents accidental deployment. $150 shipped.

Second on the list of new arrivals is an out-the-front (OTF) auto from Paragon called the Para-X. The handle is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and the double-edged blade of S30V. It also features a safety lever. Press the single action button and the blade springs forward with authority. It’s elegant and lightweight. $180 shipped.

Finally, we have a Kershaw Rogue automatic featuring a lightning fast action, T6 aluminum handle with HK-USP style textured rubber inserts, and a 3.9" partially serrated, black Tungsten coated 14C28N blade. All three knives are made in USA and shipping is free. $165 shipped.

We also received another batch of Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Range Carry kits that come complete with three 17 round magazines, a double magazine pouch, and a superb holster from Bladetech. Only $525 ($484 for VIP members)

Have a great rest of your week, everyone. God bless. — Evan

Voter ID…

Not needed? At least thats what the left blathers and squeals about…

Minnesota Ranks #1 in Voter Fraud. Did you know that Minnesota now ranks #1 in voter fraud convictions nationally? That’s right, no state has had more voter fraud convictions from a single election than Minnesota for the past 50 years!

A recent Fox News special report entitled "Stealing Your Vote" prominently featured the work of Minnesota Majority as part of their report.

But we’re number one!!!


Quote of the Day: "Asset forfeiture is a mockery of the Bill of Rights. There is no presumption of innocence, no need to prove you guilty (or even charge you with a crime), no right to a jury trial, no right to confront your accuser, no right to a court-appointed attorney (even if the government has just stolen all your money), and no right to compensation for the property that’s been taken." Harry Browne (1933-2006), Downsize DC co-founder

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!


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