86 year old Iwo Jima Veteran Speech At A City Council



Reloading on the Cheap

Reloading on the Cheap – HUMAN EVENTS.

Is my setup.

Reloaded many rounds or .38 special and a “few” of .32 Winchester Special last winter.

Much time spent handloading and although some of my friends thought I should “upgrade” I saw no reason to!!

“But your set up is so sllloooowwww” I was told.

Um…Worked fine on those snowy days sitting with the boyz reloading a couple of hundred rounds in an afternoon.

Like I really needed to do or be anywhere else!!!

I am going to start reloading .35 Remington for my Dad’s gun this year and am kicking around 9mm.

Why not I say!! I enjoy it!!





Gunwalker never, ever had ANYTHING to do with drug enforcement or stopping the cartels. NOTHING. The reason that the Obama regime, which we all know is a treasonous Marxist-totalitarian enemy force, executed the Gunwalker program was to create optics (lots of dead Mexican civilians, dead Mexican law enforcement, dead Mexican military and dead Americans) that they could then use to justify the elimination of the Second Amendment via the U.N., specifically the Small Arms Treaty. ATF insiders have reported that the Obama regime was "giddy" that Mexicans were being killed by Gunwalker firearms. This is because these people are Marxists, and as I have said here repeatedly, Marxists lie and murder human beings as policy. Marxists believe that human life has no intrinsic value and that human beings are object pawns that can be used and exterminated without compunction in order to further their own goals and increase their own power. In this case, the goal is to disarm the people of the United States so that the Marxist-Obamaist regime can seize totalitarian, dictatorial power, overthrow the Constitution, and establish a global power matrix. This disarmament will be achieved (or so they think) by using the meme of American omni-culpability. In other words, everything is OUR FAULT.

~ Ann Barnhardt

Makes Sense…

Provide guns to the enemy and take citizens away.

Seems like the right thing today when wanting to control the sheeple and those that realize what you are up to.

Total control and manipulation of those whom who work to provide for those whom won’t and those billionaire elites whom want everything.

Total asshat he is and is time to resist…

 President Barack Obama wants you to believe that America’s Founding Fathers were in error when they gave citizens the right to bear arms.


Vote. It is our right.

Vote them all out.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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