Teaching CPR….A Lot Lately…

And it is never this good!!

Nor golf ever like this!!



Three Reasons Obama and His Ilk Have Got To Go!!!

We the People Run Rings Around Socialist Congresswoman.

Listening to this person and what she is saying show her complete disdain for Freedom and her belief that her and her fellow politicians truly are clueless, arrogant need to be replaced.

Obama’s Koran Burning Apologies Shame America..

Obama is more then an embarrassment, just plain ass comes to mind.

ObamaCare Assaults Multiple Liberties..

Obama cares not about the Constitution and therefore cares not about freedom and success…

Proof we need to continue to protect our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms everyday..

And our 2nd Amendment Rights…

Georgetown co-ed: Please pay for us to have sex ..

 We’re going broke buying birth control…

Bottle of Bayer aspirin and staying off your back is a lot cheaper then my tax dollars paying for your lack of morality and judgement…

Just my thoughts on the matter, slut.

Craig Bannister at CNSNews.com did the math — and discovered that these co-eds, assuming they’re using the cheapest possible contraception, must be having unprotected sex about three times a day every day to incur that kind of expense. What Fluke is arguing, then, is that her fellow law students have a right to consequence-free sex whenever, wherever. Why, exactly, especially if it costs other people something? When I can’t pay for something, I do without it. Fortunately, in the case of contraception, women can make lifestyle choices that render it unnecessary.


A Bit of a Happy Dance!!

Teaching CPR at a Metro FD this am when my MD’s office called..
Was in for a check up the other day..

Was good.

Last year was discovered I was diabetic, A1C was 13 or something awful…like 13..

Today they said my A1C was normal and could cut back on my medication and in 3 months have a recheck…
If it stays normal, may go off medication completely..

Am doing my Happy Dance and my office peeps are afraid!!

Of course I will need to continue my “healthy” lifestyle….exercise, range time, eating right, range time etc..

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!


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