You Really Think…

Our Elections coming up will be fair?

Your wrong…

It seems that Friday afternoons are always the time to drop job-killing news on America’s job creators. In this case, the union appointees  within Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board have issued a press release stating they will be issuing their final rule on ambush elections on November 30th.

They, meaning Obama and his backers, masters and those providing funds, will do whatever they need to to control us.

They will..




Sunday Morning….

Reading the Sunday RedStar and wondering what the hell is happening to this country.?

Nothing but partisan bullshit in politics..

Wisconsin Public Unions and supporters (ie. National Unions) wants to recall the Gov. Walker…because he stepped on our toes, hurt our feel goods, wants to make US pay for our health and NOT the taxpayer US!! What is he thinking?

Should be no Public Unions living off the taxpayer…we pay your wages, your health insurance, your pensions…you pay nothing except with taxpayer money and you want more..
Eff you!!

It goes on and on…

Obama’s Administration has the Gunwalker scandal, the Solyndra Scandal and keeps stonewalling and refusing to cooperate.
Which once again shows the bias of the Media.
If it was a GOP scandal they would be all over it..

We have a State run media…it is run be the leftists…

I better stop now before my BP skyrockets…..I swear the next Obama sticker I see on any damn car I am going to run into…

Better stop…I see Washington DC coming up as a visitor lately…Maybe I can expect the effing black suburbans to arrive…
Lord help us all if they do…

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!


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