Old Glory and Rick Monday

Tell me.

Do you think there are any baseball players today whom would do this?

Me neither…


Rick Monday did though.


Gas Prices…

The Silicon Graybeard: Yo, Mr. Prez! I Can Tell You Who’s Responsible for Gas Prices Going Up!.

Hey!  Mr. Obama!  Hey A.G. Holder!  You don’t need to appoint a fancy commission.  I can tell you who’s responsible.

Look in that mirror there: that’s who’s responsible.  You are! (Who’s the cute little despot?!  You are!!!)

Are killing me….

But we know the asshat in the WH and his thugs do not give a rip…

They just want unicorn farts and skittles running everything!

So Rights..

Are NOT equal and we damn well know that in America!
It is okay for the so called “christians” from Westboro Church to protest at Soldiers funerals.
Many of them “Christian” Services.
But the nutz from Westboro can protest away.



Is not okay. Granted I do not agree with Pastor Jones methods, but why is it NOT okay for him to go protest at a religious site?

Oh, excuse me!!!
It is a Mosque! Islam Mosque and we all know it is NOT okay to say or do anything upset those assholes!!
Was that my outside voice again?
May they all fall into pigshit…

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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