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Here is a tidbit on Libya, Hillary and Obambi.


Having finished the important task of taping his March Madness picks and getting in yet another game of golf the President slipped out of the country to Brazil, leaving the Libyan crisis for Hillary to deal with. Now under the leadership of French President Nicolas Sarkozy we have become part of ”a broad coalition” and attacked Libya with 112 cruise missiles. I am always up for attacking rouge states who threaten the functioning core of nation states with massive disruption to the world economic system. But here is the thing; it is not important how wars start, what is critical is how they finish. Once you cross the Rubicon it is imperative that the enemy you are fighting be defeated decisively or disaster is what is waiting around the corner. Muammar Gaddafi and all his forces need to be destroyed; that means killing – lots of killing. If he surrounds himself with “human shields” that is his call, we cannot waiver and must accept the hand we are dealt. Which in plain talk means we kill them too, all of them. We have to continue the killing until every survivor of the forces opposing the collective will of the “broad coalition” know and acknowledge that they were beaten, or the war is not over.

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