Simply clueless..


“Before I do”…

“Before I do”…

Murder a standing Governor? Sounds like a pretty implicit threat.

But the lamestream leftist controlled media will have little about it.

Since he was talking about a “R” Governor and not a “D” governor..

Those with “R” are fair game to the leftists..


The End …

Of the 4 day weekend..

Back at it tomorrow..

Spent yesterday watching HS football (Championships in 3A and $A) the Gophers.. and reloading about 250 rounds of .38 Special.

I am thinking a progressive reloader would be nice…Especially if I decide to start loading the 9mm….But….will have to think about that.

4 day weekend has been good. Most of it, with the exception of Thursday “almost brawl” with eldest son…That was ugly and ruined the day and damn near the weekend..Friday was good as same son and a buddy of his, home from Madison, went to Ahlman’s…Picked up some needed supplies, bullets, primers…And looked over there fine selection of firearms…

What I would really like to find is:

1. Lever action in .38/.357 would find this much fun..

2. 9mm carbine, will forever kick meself for passing on a Hi-Point carbine seen at a Gun Shop for a great price…and I passed…

Those are two items high up on my want list.

Will keep my eyes open for .22s in handgun or rifle, as being so inexpensive to shoot and it is easy to have a large supply of ammo available.

Not that I do mind you…

Not much planned for today, besides worship.

So will be looking at the SKS as it has a minor problem….no “BOOM” only “CLICK” so maybe a good dis assembly and cleaning? As it is striking the primer lightly…Along with this, may reload some .357s if I have time and of course turn the Vikings on and see how much I can take before turning it off or ignoring it as youngest son will be watching it..

That is my day’s plans and that could all change….!!!

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