Just Like…

the TEA Party…

Yeah…not so much….

The driver of the car was identified as William Maxwell Patterson, 21.  The passengers in the car were identified as Emery Nicholas Luff, 21 and Zachary Salzwedel-Kemp, 20.  All three were from Klamath Falls.



Range Day



At Bill’s today. Just a short jaunty from my office. Shot my my Kahr CW9 and GPRS100.
Have spent plenty of time with long guns this fall. But lacking in handguns. So 50 rounds of .38 split and 100 of 9mm later. At various ranges. More practice is needed. GPRS was good. Kahr?? Sigh……pictures are GP.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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