Obama Says What?

He is like Mandela and Gandhi!!!??

What a crock!!! What a narcissist…they both suffered unimaginable hardships, Obama has never suffered anything, other then not getting his way!!
We suffer from his incessant whining and blaming others, he whom it appears led a pretty privileged life and he dares compare himself to others whom truly made “good” change?
Dear Lord save us from this fool!!

We are the ones suffering from this clown’s policies!!!


Minnesota: Self-Defense Reform Awaiting Governor’s Action

Sign it already!!!

House File 1467

Do something instead of catering to unions and leftist wing-nuts!!

Those shills squealing about “blood” in the streets because we have the right to defend ourselves where we are at and not have to “run” away as you did so well when you fled Washington while making your rep as one of the worst senators ever!!!

These squealing shills claimed “the streets would run red with blood” when “may issue” became “shall issue”.

Did not happen did it?

So sign it already!!!


Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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