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Wednesday and it has snowed a bit, again..April 20th the calendar says and it feels more like November!! I should be getting the boat ready and yard work done!!

Another trip to Ripley today…after today only 8 more sessions!!!

Links today..

Where the Guns Really Come from..In spite of what the corrupt Mexican and US governments tell us!!

The Mexican government and the media have consistently blamed the U.S. for the vicious drug war in Mexico that has resulted in over 35,000 deaths since late 2006. A diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks will disappoint them, as it shows that 90 percent of the heavy weapons used by the drug cartels come from Central America. The strength of the drug cartels is more attributable to the Mexican government’s inefficiencies than America’s gun laws or consumption of narcotics.

Obamacare = Bad Medicine and the American Public, the thinking part, not the entitled, endowed, care for me cause I am a lazy a$$hat, wants nothing to do with Obamacare…

The Worst? Agreed!! Evah!!!!

Backberry bringing a tablet also? I’m thinking the iPad is it and all others have a ways to go. But the little I have seen of Androiid and I have an Android Tablet – CRUZ eReader which I enjoy a lot, I like do any competition is good!! Wonder if Obambi understands that one?

It is dangerous out there, even those trying to help and care for others find it out. This happened to me once, fortunately I was able to relieve female of said knife…as it was thrust towards my sternum…

This happened during WHAT?? Damn!!! I am in that “50 plus” category…Yikes!!

Excuse me? Search my cellphone? Do you have a warrant for that!?!?!?!

Sure this is not what the Hoplophobes, Brady Bunch and Feminists..women with guns and taking care of themselves. Not being the “victim” as we all know how the media, the Left and feminists  like to play that up when it happens!! Not when they protect themselves!!!

Okay, found here!

Another Circuit Judge……….

Healthcare Update — 04-19-2011 | WhiteCoat’s Call Room

Healthcare Update — 04-19-2011 | WhiteCoat’s Call Room.

Am wondering about this.

Attorneys collect $6.5 million settlement after nurse anesthetist overdoses child on anesthetic during eye surgery then hospital has no doctor or crash cart available to perform CPR.

Not so much the suit.

But why would you need a doctor or a crash cart to perform CPR??

Just wondering….

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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