Brief Interruption..

This morning…
Headed off to teach last session of CPR/FA..

Was all I could do to sit and use the American Heart 1st Aid video as I was required to do for class last night..
Gag…..That was bad..

Maybe something later…


Is going to Costa Rica this summer on a youth mission trip and looking for support.
Is working hard and Dad is going to put on a free CPR and First Aid class to help raise funds.
Anything you can give, including prayer for a safe and successful mission for all participating will be appreciated..



If you would be willing to financially sponsor an individual, please fill out form and return to:

 Rejoice! Church  204 2nd Street South Dundas, MN 55019

Name                                                                                                  Phone                                                                         Address                                                            City                                         State               Zip                               Email Address                                                                      

Name of youth sponsor (or general scholarship):                                                                          


         – $25.00              – $50.00            – $75.00             – $100             – other amount ( $                         )

Control People and Their Land

Is the UN’s Goal..

And Obama’s and the Left’s ideal in this Country.

So we can all be poor and destitute and controlled by the “elites” of the Left..

President Reagan pulled America out of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1984 because he believed it was totally corrupt. George W. Bush returned our country to UNESCO in 2002, stating he was doing so as a symbol of our commitment to human dignity. “This organization has been reformed,” he said, “and America will participate fully in its mission to advance human rights and tolerance and learning.”

Because “we” rejoined UNESCO, it’s Man and the Biosphere Program, which has never completely halted since its inception in the early 1970s, has been moving full speed ahead in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.). It’s gathered considerable traction in the Northern Lower Peninsula, too. Biospheres, however, are listed only at the request of the country in which they’re located and can be removed from the biosphere reserve list at any time by a request from that country. The National Park Service is typically the government agency to make such a request.

Unelect Obama and the Left..

Boot the Useless United Nations..

Fight for Freedom