Good food, Family, baseball, golf, Easter egg hunt, a little softball, kite flying….all at the same time!!

Was a busy place…good thing it was acres of space!!


Citizen Journalists Record Bizarre Artificial “Radar Rings” Along the New Madrid Earthquake Fault Zone

BREAKING: Citizen Journalists Record Bizarre Artificial “Radar Rings” Along the New Madrid Earthquake Fault Zone | Alternative News Report.


WTH is this all about?

Seems like checkout lane newspaper “wolfboy discovered” type headlines!!

Now they tell me – compact fluorescent light bulbs create “electrical smog”

WyBlog — Now they tell me – compact fluorescent light bulbs create “electrical smog”.

Save Mother Earth!!!

Kill yerself!!!

We will help!!

I think they knew all along. I think it’s part of their plan for all of us to die for Gaia. Mandating that we replace our incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent s furthers the econuts’ anti-people agenda. If the mercury poisoning doesn’t kill us, the cancer-causing electrical smog will:

Go ..



I think not asswipes!!!

Just stocked up on a large quantity of incandescent bulbs!

So come…check my lights….I have presents for you!!

Is Saturday…

And continuing the project started yesterday…Completely emptied our large storage closet, shoot bigger then some bedrooms I had as kid!!
Am building all new shelves and storage systems in it!!

Also supposed to have Softball practice this morning also.
Kind of wet dreary and cool so we’ll see…

In other news…
Obama still sucks…

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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