Into the fire I go..

Long Hot Summer EMS Conference this weekend, Friday and Saturday, am not presenting this year, but will be introducing a number of speakers..Who? No clue yet.
Thursday, night 8 of my EMR (First Responder Class), has shaken out most of the "Why the hell are you taking this, crowd?" But still a couple hanging on….
Next week is to be spent with the MSP State Patrol Cadets at the Academy, teaching them in a week a 44 hour class ( which should actually be a bit longer to do it justice but….)
Have 29 cadets taking the full course and 14 taking 16 hours to fulfill their refresher hours. I do beleive I had a couple of them in past EMR classes I held.

And on Friday of next week we are going to put the cadets through the scenarios using the simulators that I will be using on the Troopers for their Spring in service training!! 8 weeks, twice a week we will be holding sessions..

Plus finishing my EMR class, a few ACLS classes tossed in and a number of LEO and FIRE EMR Refreshers I will be doing or helping with..
I do enjoy this a lot…but will be happy when June gets here!!!


Blogger Save! | A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver

Blogger Save! | A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver.

Sometimes those of us whom wpend our careers helping others, don’t get the page.

We happen to be in the right place at the right time.

And things work.

Which they do not always do.

Ambulance Driver and TOTWTYTR just happened to be..

In the right place.

At the right time.

Go figure and without all their toys.

I know some medics today whom would be clueless in that situation.

Way to go Gentlemen!!

“I Just Broke Into A House And The Owner Came Home,” Intruder Tells 911 Operator | The Smoking Gun

“I Just Broke Into A House And The Owner Came Home,” Intruder Tells 911 Operator | The Smoking Gun.

A reader, (yes I have readers!!!!) sent me this link.

Heh…teh stoopid should hurt…but I bet the Brady Bunch and other hoplophobes will try to use this as a “Look! Bad guys will just surrender becasue they “think” (they think??) you may have a gun!!”

Yeah that will work…


When the MBWITW is Angry

You know things are really bad.If she is mad.
And the MBWITW is angry.
For someone whom stays out of politics and really pays very little to current affairs, she is angry.
With our Government.
With Obama (very).
WIth the unions and their unreasonable demands and expectations.
With gas prices..She wants to know what pResident Asshole is doing about and tired of hearing how the enviroweenies are screwing us over and not letting us access the resources available.

With our financial state and how is sucks as we try to pay bills and are not keeping up.

So politicians, bureaucrats and other government weenies and dickheads..

When folks like my MBWITW start getting pissed at you.
You can start expecting real change.
Not this fucking hope less change Obama has wrought on us!!

So look out.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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